Grouse Grind: The day after the day after Canada Day

Grouse Grind: The day after the day after Canada Day

The very first time I did the Grouse Grind, it was on Canada Day in
1999 or 2000.  There was snow at the top of the Grind… and
people were skiing on Grouse and Cypress Bowl.  Phenomenal.

Today…. I did the Grind with Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team
members.  Some of the paddlers had done it last week, and the
chance for me to do it for the first time since Trevor Linden was
traded back to the Canucks, was too much to resist.  I think that
time we finished the Grind in about 1 hour.  I used to do a lot of
trail running, and could really sprint up the steps with style.

Meet at 10am… at the bottom of the Grind.  Okay… we didn't get
going until 11am.   We were hoping for a 90 minute jaunt up
the mountain, but it stretched to about 110 minutes because it was very
crowded on the holiday Monday.  We paced ourselves and climbed
according to our ability and conversation levels.  Some people
like our marathon runner Grace were able to sprint up the hill,
followed closely by Stephen.  Others like Dan, Jim, Wendy and
myself… took our time and had good conversations with each other and
the people we met.  Finishing somewhere in the middle were Jonas,
his friend Navid, Julie and Teresa.

“Aren't you paddling today?” a stranger asked me half way up the
Grind.  His name was Bryan and he paddled with Lotus Sports
Club.  He recognized me as the organizer/coach of the Gung Haggis
Fat Choy dragon boat team.  We had a nice conversation. 

I told him I was really happy with this year's Gung Haggis team. 
Here it was the 3rd day of a holiday long weekend, and we had already
met for Canada Day BBQ, Sunday practice + Jazz Festival, now the Grouse
Grind.  They really enjoy each other's company that much! 
And they will be ready for practice on Tuesday.

I hiked/ran back down the Grind on my own…. determined to get myself back into my old fitness level.
My thighs and knees are sore now.  But my back feels pretty
good.  Much better than when I run a 10km Terry Fox Run without
training…. Training is important.  Doing the Grind is just my
training to do a run across the Baden Powell Trail from Horseshoe Bay
to Deep Cove.  The “Knee-Knackering North Shore Trail Run” takes 6
hours to 10 to complete…. I think.  Maybe I won't do it.

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