Gung Haggis dragon boat team – Race in Kent/Seattle on Saturday – No practice on Sunday

Gung Haggis dragon boat team
– Race in Kent/Seattle on Saturday
– No practice on Sunday

Just a reminder – NO PRACTICE on Sunday…
Sorry I could not confirm 12 + paddlers + steers or coach for a Sunday practice. 
How did Gung Haggis fare in Kent?

Front row (kneeling l-r): Navid, Gail, Kristine, Todd, Juliet, Raymond,
Inset row: Joe (head shot) + Steven (crouching)
Middle row (standing): Deb, Wendy, Jonas, Teresa, Ann-Marie, Julie, Terilyn, Sue
Back row (standing & peeking): Dan, Lana, Jim, Stephen, Jody

Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team at Kent WA.

Well… lots of fine tuning with each race.  With 12 Gung
Haggis paddlers + extra paddlers from Fluid Motion, 39th Brigade Army
Team, Scaly Justice, Sweet and Sour Dragonballs (from Victoria) +
Tacoma DBA…. it was a challenge.  But WE DID IT!
We improved each race…
working together with different paddling styles
different paddlers
different levels of ablilty….
but not enough to overcome the good competition at this festival. 
In Race #1 – there was a collision – which we stayed out of a
direct hit, but we were forced out of our lane, and off the
course.   I was steering.  I called – let it run, then
to hold the boat.  The other teams across our bow, but
stopped. We got going again, but – but our tail got clipped by one
of the other boats and broken off.  It belonged to Joel Schilling
of Dragon Sports USA.  Sorry Joel – but it was an American
team that clipped us, and caused the collision.  We continued and
recovered well.  We came second. 
We were recalled for a re-race.  I asked one of the fellows
on the team that forced us over – “Haven't I been nice to you, all the
years I've known you?”  To Carl Benson – formerly of Tacoma
DBA, now on the Washington DBA team.  He said they were sorry, and
warmly greeted me.  Then the real culprits from lane 2
apologized profusely… I accepted their apology, and asked them for 10
push-ups.  Two of their guys immediately responded – even doing
handclap push-ups!  People were impressed… but more impressed
that they took commands from another dragon boat team!
In the re-race we came 4th.
In Race #2, we came 3rd or 4th.
So we ended up in the Mixed B Rec Division.
For Race #3 – we had to come 1st to make the finals and race with
medals.  It was a good tight race.  We came third…. so that
was it for the day.  FOUR races within about 5 hours. 
Challenging… but FUN.  More later…
We thank Tacoma Dragon Boat Association for hosting us with food
and shelter.  We LOVE you…. Thank you Joe Fugle, president of
TDBA for paddling with us all day.  Thank you coaches Clem and
Rives, paddlers and organizers Lee, Merri, Candy for being good
friends and looking after us all these years!
Tomorrow we are off to The Museum of Glass in Tacoma – featuring Dale Chihooly works….
We have been invited to attend a practice with Tacoma DBA at 3pm at Commencement Bay.
We have been invited to race in Portland – anytime…  and
Wasabi will host us.  Club organizer Jeremy is great!  We
love him too!  And my dear friend Suzi on Wasabi Team Huge.
Cheers, Todd

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