Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team update for August 8th

Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team update for August 8th

The team is really developing a good core of dedicated paddlers. 
With only 12 paddlers on Sunday, and 13 paddlers tonight on Tuesday,
there is a good surge in the boat.

On Sunday, guest coaches James Yu and Ian Paul, took over the coaching
reins while I was in Vernon.  James was my steering coach and an
early dragon boat mentor, when we first raced on the Hamazaki-Wong
Headliners from 1993 to 1995.  James is presently coaching the
GVRD 44 Cheeks dragon boat team.

Ian Paul and I first crossed paths when I invited him to join our Men's team at Alcan in 2002, he has now gone on to found the Pirates dragon boat
team.  Ian raced with Gung Haggis at Alcan last year.  10
Gung Haggis paddlers will be joining the Pirates team in
Victoria.  Ian sent me this note:

Hi Todd
Yes, sunday was great ,
James and I shared the coaching and steering , so
your Gung haggiss team will have lots to impress you with when you next see them
! Race pieces at the end of the practice , in that sun , and they still had a
surge at the end!
They are a great bunch , and really do you


Glad to hear you may be in cultus lake , its very
small , but weather permitting is fun
see you soon,,,,,,,,,, Ian..

The Gung Haggis team will be at the Cultus Lake Women's Regatta. 
We are renaming the women's version as the Mu Lan Women Warriors. 
Only women can paddle.  Men are allowed to drum and steer, but
must be dressed in drag.  Our men will wear kilts, but supplement
with wigs, etc.

Cultus Lake is a fun race… only 12 teams.  We will be missing
some of our strongest women paddlers, but we have a great crew going,
and expect to have great fun.

Tonight's practice was the first ever Tuesday in the rain.  A
light rain by practice time.  We worked hard to bury the paddles,
and consistently had good surge in our power pieces, race starts and
race pieces.

Afterwards, we went to Hon's Wun Tun House on Keefer Street in
Chinatown for our “carbohydrate replenishment.”  Our after dinner
conversation was very enjoyable and good team bonding.  We have a
high level of trust amongst our core paddlers and it really contributes
to a great team attitude and team cohesion.  I am very proud and
happy with this year's team paddlers, and keep telling them so.

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