Gung Haggis Sunday afternoon dragon boat practice Sept 24th

On Sunday afternoon – we had a great paddle.

Gerard, Teresa, Stephen M., Tzhe, Barbara, Steven W., Rita, Joe and
myself showed up to paddle, Deb steered.  We went all the way to Cambie
St. Bridge – with a short rest to simulate Ernest jumping out of the
boat on the beach to grab a traffic cone, then jump back in the boat –
then we paddled back to Dragon Zone – all to do a dry run for UBC Day
of the Long Boat – about 1500m. 

back to the dock, we found Pirates paddlers Ian and Cory – who had just
finished attending “Body Worlds 3” at Science World – stepping onto an
Aquabus.  They asked us for a ride to Granville Island (of course we
made them paddle), and Dan joined us too!

Again – we paddled all
the way to Cambie St. Bridge, paused for a short rest to simulate
Ernest hopping out to grab a traffic cone.  Then we paddled all the way
to Granville Island.  We made good time with only 13 paddlers.  We are
doing a longer stroke with a “kick” before the exit.  Excellent for
creating a glide.  These paddlers are going to take it up to the next
level for a strong foundation for next year's team!

And then Deb and I hopped back over the The Word on The Street – to check out the displays, say hi to friends, and buy some great books!

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