Food: Phnom Pehn – great food, cheap prices… perfect for post-paddling appetites

Food:  Phnom Pehn – great food, cheap prices… perfect for post-paddling appetites

Our dragon boat team is really a food club.  Paddling is just an
excuse to work up an appetite.  During the 2006 paddling season
from April to October, we have gone Japanese, Chinese, Irish,
Vietnamese, South Asian… even Burger King.  We have tried frog
legs at the Phnom Pehn and kangaroo at the Locust.  We have even
wrapped our own home made haggis won ton for our Gung Haggis dragon boat team end-of-season wrap-up party.

But one of our favourite restaurants is the Phnom Pehn, tucked away on
Georgia Street on the outskirts of  Vancouver Chinatown. 
Over the summer we had some great dinners.  Sometimes we had two
tables full of paddlers, sometimes one table.  But the food,
service and company was always good, even if the restaurant is always
crowded and we had to wait for a table.

Tonight, some of our keener paddlers who want to keep paddling for
fitness and fun, went out on marathon canoes on False Creek. 
Afterwards we decided to go to Phnom Pehn for dinner.  We started
with a Fish Soup which was so savoury everybody commented on it. 
Deep fried spicy squid was wonderful with a light batter.  Deep
Fried chicken wings with the lemon pepper sauce is a definite
favorite.  Chinese broccoli was nicely done.  The deep fried
spring rolls with ham, were not well-recieved by our spring roll
fans.  The Vietnamese rice rolls were good – but strange that
these supposed “appetizer” items arrived last.  Everybody was
happy and full.  Next time I want to order the lemon-grass chicken

Eating together and sharing food is a good way to build community, and one of the best features about the  Gung Haggis Fat Choy Dragon Boat team,
dragon boat team.

photo Roland Tanglao

Chicken Wings with Lemon Pepper Sauce  is one of our team's favorite dishes!

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One thought on “Food: Phnom Pehn – great food, cheap prices… perfect for post-paddling appetites

  1. Anonymous

    oh this is one of my favourite restaurants!!! i just love their chicken wings…. so yummy… can't get them elsewhere
    too bad the oak street branch was closed, i used to go there a lot because of the relatively ease to park


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