Finding Memories, Tracing Routes: Chinese Canadian Family Stories Book Launch

Finding Memories,
Tracing Routes:
Chinese Canadian Family Stories
book launch

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Vancouver Public Library

350 West Georgia Street.
Central Branch
Alice Mackay Room

event will be interesting!  I know many of the authors included in
this anthology.  Hayne Wai is my cousin – That's our grandmother
in the picture with my father and his mother, and our Auntie Rose,
Uncle James and Uncle Gilbert.

Seto is a dragon boater on the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat
team.  Dan joined the team after we met at a CCHSBC event last

Chan and her brother Larry are family friends.  Shirley's mother
did a lot of community work in Chinatown and was recently featured in
an episode of
Mother Tongue

The Chinese Canadian
Historical Society of BC
presents the formal book launch of the
groundbreaking collecting for capturing the diversity of British
Columbia and Canada's past. This eight-story collection features
touching and memorable family stories.
Canadian Chinese Historical Society of BC proudly presents the first
collection of eight stories demonstrating the power of finding common
history in the lives and deaths of those who came before us. Created
during a six-week community writing workshop, this touching and
evocative book is a must-read for all Canadians who want to understand
the central place of Chinese-Canadians in our shared past.

Authors: Shirley Chan,
Belinda Hung, Roy Mah, Dan Seto, Hayne Wai, Candace Yip, Gail Yip and
Ken Yip.

Brandy Liên

Proceeds from the sales of this
collection will go towards the Edgar Wickberg Scholarship for
Chinese Canadian History

For additional
information on the book launch, please email

For information on the
collection and/or how to purchase, please go its
dedicated page.

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