Head Tax Compilation video on Shaw Cable: Watch EarthSeen

Head Tax Compilation video on Shaw Cable: Watch EarthSeen

Sid Tan has put together a compilation video with a “head tax” theme for the “Earth Seen” time slot on Shaw cable 4.  It's a one hour show.  Set your video machine!

EarthSeen: Head Tax Compilation

Wednesday, November 1 @ 8-9pm
Saturday, November 4 @ 3-4am
Saturday, November 11 @ 3-4am
Sunday, November 12 @ 4-5pm

1) Our Story: Chinese Head Tax Mash Up music video by no luck club (NLC). Very impressive presentation with profound message from youths” .to the world.

2) Gim Wong music video with words and music by Sean Gunn performed by the Running Dog lackeys. Celebrates Gim Wong's cross Canada motorcycle Ride for Redress in 2005.

3) A Paper Son by producer Gein Wong. A video from the Re/Present series of the Chinese Canadian Nation Council youth online project in 2005.

3) November 26, 2005 information line at closed redress conference at Chinese Cultural Centre and subsequent phto-op of then Prime Minister Paul Martin to SUCCESS.

4) Karen Cho's highlights of June 22, 2005 apology in Ottawa by Prime Minister Stephen Harper/Govn of Canada. Karen is director of In the Shadow of Gold Mountain.

(5) Head Tax Blues music video with words and music by Sean Gunn and performed by Sean Gunn and Ula Shine. Excepts of the this video have been on nation televison three times and also in Karen Cho's ITSOGM.

6) Mouseland (1992) animated short of speech by Tommy Douglas, founding leader of the CCF (later became the New Democratic Party). Introduction by Keifer Sutherland, Tommy Douglas's grandson.

ACCESS community television on Shaw cable 4, the cable community channel in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley.

Saltwater City Television and EarthSeen are regularly scheduled volunteer-produced community television programs produced by the not-for-profits ACCESS Association of Chinese Canadians for Equality and Solidarity Society with assistance from ICTV Independent Community Television Co-operative.

Thanks to Community Media Education Society (CMES), the Chinese Canadian National Council (CCNC), the National Anti-Racism Council of Canada (NARCC) and the Status Through Action Towards Unity and Solidarity (STATUS) Coalition for their human and morale resources.

Please do not ask me for copies unless you can pay for or barter an hour of time. We do this so people can record our programs off-the-air. If you don't have cable, ask a friend. No friends with cable becomes a special situation if you really need copy. Better yet, join us and you can make all the copies you want and even produce some television.

Take care.    anon    Sid.

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