We So Funny: Asian Canadian comedy at VAFF – how to have fun with steotypes

We So Funny:  Asian Canadian comedy at VAFF
– how to have fun with stereotypes

Friday night should be real good at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival.  It is the We So Funny program about Asian Canadian humor.

Friday, Nov. 3rd at 9:30pm. 
 The event will explore how comedy is a
powerful vehicle by which we can comment on social issues of race and
culture. Gee… sounds like a perfect setting for Gung Haggis Fat Choy.  Below is from the VAFF website for We So Funny

We So Funny

Fri. Nov. 3rd, 9:30 PM

Mighty Warriors Of Comedy

Director/Writer: Sung H. Kim | Producers: Kibi Anderson, Sung H. Kim
Documentary | Beta | Colour | 2006 | 65 minutes | USA

MIGHTY WARRIORS OF COMEDY is a unique documentary about the 18 Mighty
Mountain Warriors, an audacious sketch comedy troupe of Asian-Pacific
Islanders hailing from San Francisco that you’ve never heard of. Formed
in 1994, they tackle socio-political issues with a hilarious
combination of irreverence and seriousness, taking their audiences on a
wild ride as they showcase the cultural activism behind the humor. The
film explores whether or not, after 10 years of performing the group
will make it big. Using a combination of personal interviews and live
concert footage, the film traces the struggle that Asian-heritage
artists face, and how that battle is complicated further by cultural

Canadian Premiere

preceded by:

Assaulted Fish (A live performance)

Writers/Performers: Diana Bang, Marlene Dong, Kuan Foo, Darcy Johnson, Yumi Ogawa, Nelson Wong
Live performance | 20 minutes | In person | Canada

In a scant three years, the 83% Pan-Asian Canadian comedy collective
known as ASSAULTED FISH has established itself as one of Vancouver’s
funniest acts with intelligent, edgy writing and energetic, polished
performances. Everything from birth to reincarnation is fair game for
comedy sketches that range from well-observed character studies to
absurdist slapstick.


Director: Dean Ishida | Producers: Dean Ishida, Matt Steverson | Writers: Dean Ishida, Eric Bronson
Narrative | Beta | Colour | 2006 | 18 minutes | USA

It’s now or never as 32-year-old Clint sets out to fulfill his noble
yet misguided boy band dream. As the group leader and choreographer of
RUCKUS! Clint must prepare his out-of-touch group of 30-something men –
prickly prep school drama teacher Stan, hefty hip-hop wannabe Vern, and
rhythmless cat groomer J.D. – for the music video shoot of their debut
song She’s Online (And I’m Outta My Mind).

Director in Attendance

Celebrity Host for this program:

Rick Tae

2006 Gemini nominee and Leo Award winner for Godiva’s, Rick can now be seen on CBC’s new hit, Chris Haddock’s Intelligence. Writer and co-creator of TV series Sasha, Brie and Me,
currently in development, Rick and partner, Selena Paskalidis, are now
working with the National Screen Institute’s Totally Television
Program, which is designed to guide Canada’s top emerging showrunners.

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