Dec 22, Winter Solstice House Concerts near the Drive: featuring Orchid Ensemble + more!

Dec 22, Winter Solstice House Concerts
near the Drive: featuring Orchid Ensemble + more!

Myriam Steinberg is the artistic director of the In the
House Festival. She sends me the following notice.  The
House concerts idea is great.  Many of the events are
intercultural, and I am delighted that they feature my storytelling
friends Pauline Wenn and Mary Gavan, as well as the Orchid Ensemble.

On Friday, Dec. 22nd, In the House is co-producing a
series of house concerts with the Secret Lantern Society in honor of solstice.
There is a Celtic folk music concert included in the line up of house concerts.
I was wondering if you would be able to send this event announcement to your
distribution list and/or
post in on your webiste. Below is the complete description of what is
happening. Thank you!

solstice is on Friday! There are still some seats left for the solstice house
concerts that are being put on by the In the House Festival and the Secret
Lantern Society. The concerts will happen in conjunction with the 13th Annual
Winter Solstice Lantern Festival which celebrates the coming of longer days.

in the East Side (all around
Commercial Dr. )
will open their doors as hosts to this wonderful event. Lanterns will be sold
at each house – after the concert participants form their own small
processions, creating a gentle constellation of lanterns throughout the
neighbourhood as they make their way to the free festivities at Britannia
Community Centre.

free to spread the word to all your friends, family and co-workers! This is a
wonderful community event.

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Shows are at 6:00 pm and again at 7:15 pm. Illuminate the neighborhood with
your lantern and attend two concerts in two different houses. After the concert
join fellow participants in your own mini lantern procession down to the
Britannia Community Centre for free solstice activities.

You can see a single show or get a double pass. When purchasing tickets, please
ensure that you indicate whether you would like the 6 pm show, the 7:15 pm
show, or the pass.

for single show: $10 / adult,  $8 /
for two shows: $15 / adult,    $13 / kids

can reserve your seat by calling 604-874-9325 or emailing Please indicate which show you want to see, at
what time, and how many tickets you need.


are also available at:

the door (may be limited space available)

Performers & Venues:


1957 Venables 
The Orchid Ensemble blends ancient musical instruments and traditions
from China
and beyond, creating a beautiful new sound that is both creative and distinct.
The ensemble has embraced a variety of musical styles to its repertoire,
ranging from the traditional and contemporary music of
China , World Music, New Music to
Jazz and Creative Improvisation.

energetic yet endearing performance style of the ensemble consistently
intrigues and delights its audiences, consistently receiving standing ovations.
Acclaimed as 'One of the brightest blossoms on the world music scene' (Georgia
Straight), the Orchid Ensemble has been tirelessly developing an innovative
musical genre based on the cultural exchange between Western and Asian


1190 Semlin Dr.
El Mariachi Romántico was founded to maintain and promote the
beauty of Mexico
through traditional and uplifting music. El Mariachi Romántico International is
a multicultural band which delivers the passion, love and respect we feel for
Mexico .

1929 Napier St.

 This trio composed of François Houle on clarinet, Gordon Grdina on oud,
Neelanjit Dhillon on tabla, will be playing music based on Persian, Turkish,
and middle-east themes.


2063 Grant St.
Diana Halter on harp, bodhran, and vocals and Steve Quattrocchi on
mandolin. This duo performs traditional and contemporary Celtic music.

Adama Trio

1510 Salsbury Dr.
The music of The Adama Trio
explores the boundaries of classical, contemporary jazz and world music.
Adama creates exciting and original material, rich with Middle-Eastern and
Flamenco sounds, unusual melodies and complex rhythms.

Gavan & Pauline Wenn

1676 Grant

Mary Gavan's
grandparents in both Scotland and Ireland taught her the old legends
and the long ballads as they regarded storytelling as
a way of life rather than a festival event. She also learnt much from
my parents
who were skilled raconteurs. At first, she told the old stories,
especially those
of working with animals. On coming to Canada , she began to expand on
stories to explain Celtic ways and to include my own experiences. Now,
she writes her own stories combining the wisdom of the past legends
with the understanding
of my present experiences.

grew up in a typical Scottish working-class home, with typical
Scottish storytelling, Pauline was never bored. Having left that home at the
age of 18, she made a  new life in
Canada .
She brings to her stories rich experiences and memories from both sides of the
Atlantic .

more information, please go to
For full Winter Solstice Lantern Festival information:


Myriam Steinberg
Artistic Director

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