Vancouver Sun: Dec 30 page C9 – mention of Gung Haggis World Poetry

Vancouver Sun: Dec 30 page C9 – mention of Gung Haggis World Poetry

Okay….  it's a small picture of me in the top right hand corner of page C9 of the the Vancouver Sun December 30th edition.
I missed it reading the newspaper earlier today, but my girlfriend pointed it out a few minutes before midnight.

Gung Haggis Fat Choy, the unique bicultural New Year's celebration in which dragons meet kilts, will present World Poetry at 7pm, Monday Jan. 15th at the Central Library, 350 W. Georgia.  Hosted by Todd Wong, Ariadne Sawyer and Alejandro Mujica-Olia, it will feature poets Shelley Haggard, Fiona Tin Wei Lam and Leon Yang, plus bagpiper Joe McDonald.  Call 604-526-4729.

Some clarification:

Alejandro will be out of the country, so co-hosts are Ariadne Sawyer and Todd Wong

Dr. Ian Mason of the Burns Club of Vancouver, will also be reading Burns poetry and talking about Robbie Burns.

Joe McDonald will be doing more than just playing bagpipes… Joe and I are planning to perform some singalong Scottish songs, as well as one of his contemporary songs and maybe… just maybe…  we will perform my creation, “My Haggis Lies Over the Ocean, My Chow Mein Lies Over the Sea.”

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