Globe & Mail: Flights of fancy – Eagle watching in Brackendale BC

Globe & Mail: Flights of fancy – Eagle watching in Brackendale BC


Here's a picture of eagles in Brackendale BC from Flights of fancy: Getting an eagle-eye view

Special to The
Globe and Mail. BRACKENDALE, B.C. — With only their famous white heads

The main viewing area for these iconic birds is at
Eagle Run,

Here's the 2004 article: Wings over Squamish

This is a great story about eagle watching in Brackendale BC – just north of Squamish.  It is incredible to see 500 eagles sitting in the trees at River Run viewing site.  Over the years I have seen eagles in the trees, in the river and in the snow.  Sometimes the salmon carcasses
in the Squamish and Cheakamus Rivers are frozen solid.  Other times, the temperature
is above freezing and they stink like the rotting fish they are.

Thor Froslev is an incredible visionary.  It is through his 1994 efforts to create the Brackendale Eagle Reserve was realized as a 550 hectare Class A Provincial Park in 1996.

10 years ago for New Year's Day 1997, with Rev. Susan Hunt, I helped initiate a tradition to visit the eagles on New Year's Day and create a ceremony for starting the year with a New Year's vision, using the eagles as a metaphor. 

Susan Hunt has continued this tradition, and the group meets at 10am at the Brackendale Art Gallery Chapel.  The ceremony includes music, a brief talk about visioning with eagles, and bringing new vision for the New Year.  An offering for the Eagle Watch program is made.  I wish I could go this year – but I am up in Vernon BC.

Brackendale Art Gallery Chapel in 1997 for the inaugural gathering of the New Year's Day Eagle Watch.  Todd Wong is standing in back row.  Thor Froslev (owner of Brackendale Art Gallery) is 3rd from right.  photo courtesy of Susan Hunt.

Susan sent me this message:

One of the big
events of the season is our Annual Eagle Watch, January 1st.

It is important
to remember to dress appropriately by layering clothing. Our west coast climate
can surprise us when we are least expecting it, and we have learned through
nine years of traveling to Brackendale on New Years Day, to be prepared for

You will need your
binoculars, camera, warm boots, mitts, hat, scarf, and appropriate under
garments to stay warm.

is our 10th Anniversary for the New Years Day Eagle Watch, and we
want YOU to come and join in the celebrations. We will have a full two hours of
music, sharing and meditations (An offering to the Chapel is much appreciated).
The Chapel is held for us each year by the kindness of
Thor Froslev , owners of the
facility. We appreciate their Love and Care of our New Years Day event. Lunch
will follow in the attached Tea House with lots of hot soup and warm bread to
fill your tummy (Cost for lunch can be between $10 to $15.00).

Susan Hunt can be reached at

The 21st annual Eagle Festival and Count is Sunday, January 7th, 2007
Check out this link:

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