Joseph Wu, origami expert extraordinaire! on page 1 Vancouver Sun

Joseph Wu, origami expert extraordinaire! 
on page 1 Vancouver Sun

Joseph Wu's childhood interest in origami led to a successful career as an artist. Complex figures like his dragon, shown here with Joel Cooper's mask and Eric Joisel's figure, can take 20 hours or more to fold.

It was a wonderful surprise to see
Joseph Wu's smiling face on today's (Thursday, March 28, 2007) front page.  Joseph is an amazing origami folder.  He actually quit his full-time job a few years ago, as he was able to make a living from his creative original paper folded creations.

Joseph has folded the original creations for Stolichnaya vodka ads such as the swan, eagle, butterfly and more.  You can view them in the “Illustration” category of his website.

I first met Joseph many many years ago, through our mutual friend and origami afficianado Yukiko Tosa. Yukiko introduced me to PALM (Paperfolders of the Lower Mainland) which they both belong to. 

Joseph is not only an amazing and creative folder, but also a really really nice guy.  Everybody loves Joseph.  His enthusiasm for the created works is infectious.  A few years ago, he gave a demonstration and information session at the Vancouver Public Library Central Branch, when a visiting origami master had travelled from Japan.  Joseph demonstrated the large origami dinosaurs that required a “wet paper” technique.

I love origami.  I started folding when I was a child and I was able to quickly master designs from Kunihkio Kasahara's “Creative Origami, and Isao Honda's “The World of Origami.”  There are 16 books of origami on my book shelf + booklets.  Some of my favorite books are Peter Engel's “Folding Universe: Origami from Angelfish to Zen”, and “Origami for the Connoisseur” by Kunihiko Kasahara and Toshie Takahama.  If I go away on a vacation where I know I will be relaxing indoors… I usually take origami paper and books with me… and sometimes my accordion.  But somehow, origami paper just seems to travel so much easier than my accordion.  It's amazing what happens when you are sitting in an airplain, fold a flower, a star, a dragon or a unicorn… then give it away as a gift to the person sitting next to you, or the little girl watching you in amazement.  Origami makes friends instantly, wherever you are.

Joseph and I have talked about creating an origami “bagpiper” or “accordion player” to raffle off at a Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner – but we've never gotten around to it yet.  Hmmm… maybe next year?

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