Bone Marrow Registry for Mixed-Race Donors and transplants

Bone Marrow Registry for
Mixed-Race Donors and transplants

Apparently there is a bone marrow registry for Mixed Race Donors and transplants!

My friend Jeff Chiba Stearns has just sent me this
message.  Jeff describes himself as half-Japanese, half-Euro mutt
– or “Hapa” – according to the Hawaiian term meaning “Half-White” or
“Half-Asian”… depending on your Hapa perspective

Check this out:

Mavin is an organization that has thousands of potential mixed-race donars for bone marrow transplants.  They set
this network up to help mixed-race people diagnosed with Leukemia.   This
will be the quickest route to helping out your friend since MAVIN has many donors already tested and able to help.

MatchMaker is the only national program dedicated to recruitment of mixed race
bone marrow donors. The need for mixed race bone marrow donors is great because
each year approximately 130,000 people are diagnosed with life-threatening diseases
like leukemia and other blood cancers and it is estimated that at least 12,000
of these patients will not be cured without a bone marrow transplant (BMT).

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