Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team grabs flag at Taiwanese Dragon Boat Races

Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team grabs flag at Taiwanese Dragon Boat Races

Emilie Bourque-Quevillon grabs the flag for the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team an instant before the Splash Test Dragons grab their flag.  It was a tight race for 4th place.  Drumming for Gung Haggis is coach Todd Wong, right side paddlers are (r-l) Wendy Lee, Hillary Wong, Julie Wong, Stephen Wong.  left side paddlers (hidden r-l) are Marlene Chamberlain, Tzhe Lam and Georgia Thorburn.

Great team work on the weekend at the Vancouver International Taiwanese Dragon Boat Races.

It was good to see so many people working together, making new friends, renewing old friendships, and meeting new challenges.

Thank yous to Captains Marlene and Julie for helping lead us into the
races… and providing and making our new team hats (that were under
constant threat of being stolen, as a pirate bounty had been put on

Thank you Deb and Dave Samis for steering races for us on Sat and Sun (steering is notoriously difficult in Taiwanese boats).


competed well.  It was a tough race field, with many comp and upper Rec
teams.  As a lower end Rec team, we matched very well against other
teams in the Nogard race, and I don't think we ever crossed a finish
line last including the Nogard.  And our barrel race was one of our
best ever!

We had good starts and grabbed our flag in our ONE
Taiwanese 500m race and although we demonstrated how challenging
steering backwards and forwards could be… there were other teams in
subsequent races, who NEVER grabbed their flag.


special achievement is that our team did NOT borrow or supplement our
roster with paddlers from other teams.  Every one of our racers on the
weekend was a bonafide Gung Haggis paddler in good standing.  No drop
ins or substitutions.  This shows the levels of depth and loyalty that
our team has.  Hopefully next year, we can run two teams in the
Taiwanese Dragon Boat races.


teams and DBA staff were friendly to us.  DBA dock workers Wally and Francis helped us
load/unload our disabled drummer on the dock.  And the race commentary
of Kim Tomkins gave good mention of our team.

On Sunday night,
many of us met at Doolin's Irish Pub for our FREE drink + 25% off
food.  We were served by Rachelle, and also joined by dragon boat
friends from Fluid Motion and Calgary's Draco Stealth.

TCF2007 VFK_0011.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0150.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0156.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0453.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0472.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0478.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0480.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0482.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0487.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0489.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0493.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0706.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0707.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0725.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0770.JPGTCF2007 VFK_0781.JPG

more photos at:


No practice this Tuesday… stay at home and rest…  I need to rest my back. 

But if you are going to Penticton to race with GVRD – there is a practice with them on Tuesday Night and Thursday night.

Tzhe is organizing a social and cultural outing to the Vancouver Art Gallery to go see Monet to Dali
sounds great!!!  And if you ever come to race in San Francisco with
me… I will show you the Rodin sculture “The Thinker” and Monet
“Waterlilies” at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor.

Next Sunday's practice on Sep 9th is canceled because of “Paddle for Kids” – volunteers are welcome for this event.

Next official Gung Haggis practice is Tuesday Sept 11th. 6pm.


Coming soon for September???  watch for details!!!
Awards for paddler achievements ?!?!?

volunteer organizers needed!!!

is the event where we created home-made haggis won-tons last year at
Dan's apartment.  We will also teach people the words to Robbie Burns
immortal poem “Address to a Haggis.”

And begin planning for
the 2008 Gung Haggis Fat Choy: Toddish McWong's Robbie Burns Chinese
New Year Dinner, set for January 27th, 2008, Sunday.


Sep 30 – UBC REC – Day of the Longboat
This is a fun but brutally competitive race that can be like contact
bumper boats. 2 km races from Jericho beach around a pylon, East to
grab a pylon from the beach, out to English Bay, around a pylon, then
west, turn left at the last pylon and race to the sand, send your
runner to bang the gong.

Oct 7 – Ft. Langley Cranberry Festival Canoe Regatta
This is a much friendlier version of the above race.  Only about 16 to
20 teams.  An oval to race around 2x that adds to about 1.75 km.  Plus
an obstacle race that includes chasing and grabbing a pumpkin, turning
around pylons, dropping a paddler off to balance cranberry wine on a
paddle without spilling as they walk along the beach, picking up the
paddler, more turns around pylons, then a sprint to a finish!

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