Todd Wong's Favourite Christmas Dish read on CBC Radio's “Flavour of the Week” by Maragaret Gallagher

CBC radio host Margaret Gallagher hosts “Flavour of the Week” on CBC Radio.  For Christmas Eve Day, Margaret and her co-host Fred Lee talked about favourite Christmas dishes.

They also read some of the stories about favourite dishes posted on the “Flavour of the Week” facebook group.  Margaret Gallagher read a contribution by Todd Wong.   Todd didn't hear it, but Gung Haggis dragon boat team member Stephen Mirowski did.  And he told Todd after Todd picked him up for a ride up to Vernon, to spend Christmas with Todd's girlfriend Deb's family.

Here is what Todd wrote on the Flavour of the Week Facebook group:

Stuffing…. Stuffing is important. It's better than the turkey.

up in a Chinese-Canadian family… we only had stuffing at Thanksgiving
and Christmas time. Christmas was the time we always ate “Canadian

My mother always makes “No-Mei-Fawn” for our family
Christmas dinners. – Special Sticky Rice. I pass on the brussell
sprouts and pig out on the sticky rice.

The past few years, I
have been going to Vernon for a “White Christmas” with my
non-Asian-Canadian girlfriend. And sometimes it even snows. We had a
more traditional Canadian style Christmas dinner at a friend's home
with Yorkshire pudding. That was neat! But I still looked forward to
the stuffing.

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