Gung Haggis Fat Choy and Todd Wong cited in University paper: The Narcissism of Global Citizenry

Todd Wong and “Gung Haggis Fat Choy” are cited in a university student paper, from University of Toronto, I think.  Not so strange maybe because in 2007, I was written up for a grade 5 literacy text book, and contacted by a university professor researching for a book he is researching.

The paper is called The Narcissism of Global Citizenry by Remington Buyer, and asks “What does being Canadian mean?” in the abstract.

Check this out:

The increasing strength of divergent ethnic groups within Canada is doing more than inculcating multicultural tolerance, it is starting intercultural action.  One annual Vancouver event, Todd Wong's Gung Haggis Fat Choy party, celebrates the traditions of poetry reading associated with the traditions of Scottish Robbie Burns Day and merges it with the festivities of Chinese New Year's celebrations.  The result is a culturally-eclectic celebration of local and international artists performing musical numbers, reading poetry, socializing, and enjoying fusion Canadian cultures.  This particular event, far from representative of the entire Canadian inter-cultural community, is however an affirmation of that movement's existence….

Some critics claim that intercultural movements are nothing more than the lack of ethnicity, that the merging of Scottish and Chinese culture reveals little true dedication to either group.  Far beyond being academically questionable, this critic fails to grasp the holistic importance of Canadian interculturalism.  For a multicultural society to integrate new ethnic elements while preserving old ones, it must adapt, share and participate with others.  Canadian multiculturalism means more than tolerance, it means engagement.  Participation in dragon boat races, attendance at Bhangra festivities, taking the day off for the Queen's birthday day, or simply enjoying the Saturday and Sunday Sabbaths are all culturally important to different Canadian ethnic groups.

Remington Buyer, The Narcissism of Global Citizenry page 7-8


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