Great new musical, literary and theatrical raffle prizes for Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner

Our Gung Haggis Fat Choy Robbie Burns Chinese New Year dinner always has raffle prizes to further help raise funds for Asian Canadian Writers Workshop, Historic Joy Kogawa House and Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team.  We try to find prizes that reflect our themes of BC's Chinese-Canadian and Scottish-Canadian history and culture.  In particular we try to help promote Asian-Canadian arts and culture.

The dinner actually costs quite a bit to put on, plus additional production costs including sound technician and additional equipment plus publicity and posters.  We hope that our guests will further help us raise funds for our very worthy organizations, by purchasing lots of raffle tickets!

For our 2008 dinner on January 27th, some of the prizes so far include:

From Harbour Publishing:

The Trail of 1858: British Columbia's Gold Rush Past  – by Mark Forsythe & Greg Dickson


The BC Almanac Book of Greatest British Columbians: – by Mark Forsythe & Greg Dickson

Forage – by Rita Wong

Abby's Birds
From Tradewind
Abby's Birds – illustrated by my friend Sima Elizabeth Shefrin

From Arsenal Pulp Press

Swallowing Clouds, edited by Andy
Quan & Jim Wong-Chu (This poetry collection is one of my favorites – it contains the Jim Wong-Chu poem “Recipe for Tea” which tells the story of how tea was originally introduced to Scotland from Southern China by traders.)
When Fox is a Thousand, by Larissa
Lai (Another favorite – I love Foxes)

Hopeful Monsters, by Hiromi
Goto (Hiromi is now the Writer-in-Residence at the Vancouver Public Library)
Kuroshio: The Blood of Foxes, by
Terry Watada
Soucouyant, by David
Vancouver Art & Economies, ed by
Melanie O'Brien

From Vancouver Opera
2 tickets to Italian Girl in Algiers
2 tickets to Voices of the Pacific Rim

2 tickets for Banana Boys

From TF Productions
2 tickets for The Quickie – the follow up theatrical production from the “Twisting Fortunes” team

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