Calgary Dragon Boat Race in peril: permits not renewed by city

Calgary has been the site of the Western Regional race-offs, to determine which dragon boat teams in Western Canada go to compete in the Canadian National races.  But the Calgary city officials have decided NOT to renew the permits for the Alberta Dragon Boat Race Foundation. 

This is devastating news to the Calgary dragon boat teams who are anxiously anticipating the start of the 2008 dragon boat season.  I personally know a number of Calgary paddlers, and the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team, has even helped to host the Calgary Paddling Club when they first came to the Vancouver Taiwanese Dragon Boat Race in 2005.

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One thought on “Calgary Dragon Boat Race in peril: permits not renewed by city

  1. Anonymous

    I think that there has been a lot of mis-information going on with respect to the City's move to unseat the ADBRF as the organizers of Calgary's Dragon Boat Races.
    This move is seen by many of the stakeholders as a very positive step in the evolution of dragon boating in Calgary, as the ADBRF had ceased to represent many of the key stakeholders in a community-spirited way, and as identified by the city. mis-management of community safety issues and lack of competent stewardship were rife. Governance of the organization had also been called under question on many occasions dating back to 2003, with several long-standing directors of the organization unilaterally voted off of the board by the current leadership (or that of the time), denying the organization of any sense of checks and balances with respect to issues such as potential conflict of interest, mis-use of assets, community benefit etc.
    I would suggest that questions need to be asked of the ADBRF about the integrity of their board governance (most organizations would welcome scrutiny of this to protect their good name and objectives), use of assets for non-arms length “for profit” ventures, transparency of finances, inclusion of key stakeholders in the molding of the event etc.
    I can very confidently state that in addition to the City of Calgary, many key stakeholders including some of the longest standing dragon boat clubs, the Chinese Community, the business community and the original founders of the event are ecstatic about the move by the city to protect the community interest and to usher in a new community-spirited era of Dragon Boating within the city of Calgary and region.
    “Paddles Up” as they say….and let's look forward to a bright and exciting future of the event and sport within the city of Calgary!


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