Kamini Jain gives paddle clinic to Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team

Olympic paddler Kamini Jain gives paddle clinic to Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team


came out to give a paddle clinic. She is coach of the False Creek
Mixed and FC Mens teams
– that brought home medals from the World
Championships last September in Sydney Australia.  Kamini is also a
two-time Olympic paddler at the Sydney and Athens summer Olympic games.  And she is v-e-r-y “Gung Haggis” with both South Asian and Italian ancestry.

watched the team paddle out for their warm up from the coach boat,
while Todd got used to steering the boat with a little out board and
very sensitive throttle grip.


Then Kamini climbed into boat and gave a drill:
forward with your hand along the gunnel of the boat until your arm was
parallel with the water.  That's how far your reach should be she said.
A 2nd drill:  paddling only with the bottom hand… and reaching as far as the first drill

  • She went down the boat making
    adjustments for each paddler. 
  • She gave demonstrations for the reach and how to grip the paddle (no champagne glass two finger grips)


Kamini makes Stephen M utilize all his potential r-e-a-c-h!

Kamini did some paddle correction with each paddler
most notable:

  1. more stretch
  2. more forward lean
  3. working the hinge at the waist
  4. bottom hand placement


Good s-t-r-e-t-c-h Jane!

some of the corrections she made on the video were:

  1. more reach
  2. bottom arm extended straight out (more reach)
  3. top hand staying high (not dropping out of the boat)
  4. exit – not flaring out
  5. recovery – not pulling the paddle into your body
  6. move head forward when you pull
  7. don't lean too far out
  8. get paddle deep in the water for the catch
  9. don't exit too late
  10. don't sit back too far at the end of your stroke
  11. use hips more

There were lots of compliments:

  1. good reach
  2. good top hands
  3. good
  4. good rotation
  5. good hips
  6. deep paddles
  7. rookies are looking real good

Attending the practice today were, in order of appearance on the video:

LEFT SIDE of the Boat

1) Gayle
2) Hillary
3) Keng
4) Alyssa
5) Joy
6) Ernest
7) Steve Behn
8) Joe
9) Raphael
10) Don
11) Christina

RIGHT Side of the boat

1) Tzhe
2) Jane
3) Cindy
4) Colleen
5) Leanne
6) Stephen Mirowski
7) Steven (“Yoga”) Wong
8) Devin
9) Sean John
10) Paulette
11) Pam


both Tuesday and Wednesday practices.  We will take the dvd to “The
Clubhouse” japanese restaurant – where we can watch the dvd, on a large
screen, while we enjoy cabohydrate replenishment.

Tuesday roster
will be limited to 22 paddlers, as last week we had the max, and not
enough on Wednesday to go out. Very sad and unfair to the paddlers who
came out on Wed.

please hit reply
to myself and Stephen Mirowski, so we can have a roster count confirmed for each day. 

you can only attend on Tuesday (some paddlers have classes on Wed) they
will be priority for Tuesday.  If you can attend either – please come
on Wednesday.

If there are 14 or 16 paddlers on each evening, it
makes it easier for me to do more one-to-one work with individual
paddlers.  If there is a full boat, I am less likely to do individual
paddler corrections. hint… more personal coaching on Wednesday!!!

see all the pictures:

Gung Haggis dragon boat paddle clinic with Kamini Jain

Gung Haggis dragon boat paddle clinic…

Cheers, Todd

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