Gung Haggis team race results from June 8th Rio Tinto dragon boat regatta

The Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team raced hard on Sunday, May 8th.

It was the first time we had our Alcan roster in a regatta, as steersperson Rory Dunn has now been able to join us on the water.  We have also moved paddler Keng Graal to the drummer's seat, to add more muscle to the boat.  Keng is an experienced drummer from her first team the CC Riders at Columbia College where she teachers, but for the past few years she has paddled with us.

to our Alcan roster for improving with each race.  We came 2nd by a
fraction to Banana Fusion in our second race.  But in our third race,
we came in third.

These were much better races than we had out
at Lotus on May 17th.  Paddlers were much more focussed.  The
atmosphere was more intense with 25 teams instead of 17.  The Sunday PM
results are also listed on;topicseen#new

D Final
Moscrop Mighty Fish – 2:42.04
Flying Colts – 2:53.59
Super Strokin' Dragonflies –

Surgin Sturgeons – 2:58.12
Hardy Herons – 3:17.03
Edgewater Casino    – DNF

C Final
VT Conquest – 2:39.73
Banana Fusion – 2:40.08
Gung Haggis Fat Choy – 2:47.41
Raging Rebels – 2:49.08
Killarney Cougar Dragons – 2:49.24
Richmond Centre Dragoneers – 2:56.60

B Final
Kitsilano Water Demons – 2:40.45
STM Knights – 2:40.48
CBC Wave Catchers – 2:43.89
FCRCC Grandragons – 2:45.35
Draggin' Riders – 2:46.15
Team Momentum – 2:51.56
Mission VT – 2:53.21

A Final
Laoyam Eagles – 2:17.36
Rice Rockets – 2:24.28
Eric Hamber Eternal Dragon – 2:26.87
Legacy – 2:31.87
TD Lightning – 2:35.53
Strathcona Youth Dragons – 2:36.52

you compare these times to Saturday PM times… you may have to adjust
for a head wind.  Gemini boat times are usually about 5 seconds slower
than a BuK or 6-16 boat.

We had really good feedback from steersperson Rory, paddlers Don, Richard and captain Stephen M.

starts were NOT explosive, as we were often left behind and succeeded
by playing catch-up.  We usually did not hit our groove until the half
way point, and gained ground with a good long reach.

Lots of improvements with each race – but still lots to work on too!
We will work on starts and transitions for Tuesday night.

I hope to see ALL paddlers for Tuesday night practice
6pm @ Dragon Zone

especially if you want to paddle during the July and August races…
we are building our foundations now… and we don't want you to miss out.
We can run TWO boats for TUESDAY.

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