Tricia Collins' play Gravity is playing in Vancouver one more time, before it launches on a Carribbean tour

Gravity is a wonderful “made in Vancouver” play that is going on tour to it's roots in the Carribean.  It is playing in Vancouver on Wednesday, August 13th.

Tricia Collins in her self-written play Gravity – photo courtesy of Urban Ink

Here was my review when I first saw GRAVITY.  I LOVED IT.
Review: Gravity astounds the senses – Tricia Collins takes the audience on a journey into her past and across two oceans

Check out more information about this very interesting one woman play about how she discovers her family roots in Guyana and the family secrets which helped shape her past, and influence her future.  Tricia Collins did a fine job writing and acting.

Join the tour! – Attend the Launch Party & See The Show.
– One Night Only –
August 13th, 8pm @ Chapel Arts, 304 Dunlevy Street, Vancouver BC
Admission (at door): $10 (incl. free drink and plate of Caribbean foods)
urban ink productions: (604) 692-0885/
Also Check out our updated website: <>  

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