D.D. Jackson's new “Hockey Night in Canada” theme

How about a Hockey Night in Canada theme composed by a Chinese-African-Canadian jazz musician?

D.D. Jackson is one of Canada's prolific jazz musicians and composers.  He composed the jazz opera QuĂ©becitĂ© with author George Elliot Clarke – which incorporated the themes of diversity, multiculturalism, racial and religious intolerance

Here is a message from D.D. Jackson with a link to his music/video new theme for “Hockey Night in Canada.”

Hi all!
CBC television network is sponsoring a “Hockey Night in Canada” new
theme song competition. For those of you unaware, hockey is Canada's
true national sports pastime and the original “Hockey Night” theme this
new song will replace has really become Canada's second “national
anthem” :-)…I've written my own anthem entry, which you can check out

you like it, please feel free to comment on the site, rate it and
spread the word, as the winner will in part be based upon audience
input (there are also over 12,000 others that have been submitted
covering a fascinatingly wide range of approaches and styles)…

Much thanks and all the best!
– D.D. Jackson

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