Short Track Speed Skating World Cup in Vancouver – very cool

Canada's short track skating teams and individuals advance to World Cup Finals

2008_skating 018 by you.

Canada's Michael Gilday in the lead at the Friday afternoon qualifying race for World Cup short track speed skating, Pacific Coliseum Vancouver BC – photo Todd Wong

It's the second World Cup short track speed skating event, and it is in Vancouver BC, the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

One of the premier short track speed skaters is American Apolo Ohno who was born and raised in Seattle Wa.  Ohno is Hapa.  His father Japanese-born father raised him as a single dad.

Vancouver Sun: Speedskating's poster boy:American Apolo Anton Ohno has success and so much more going for him

But the Canadians are tough too! 

“The sport of short track, I don't know if it was necessarily born
in Quebec, but it was definitely one of the beginning hot spots where
it was developed,” says Michael Gilday.

in  Vancouver Sun: Speed skating: West set to break Quebec's short track dominance

On Friday we saw top Canadian Michael Gilday and the Women's Relay team race in qualifying rounds.  They both held the lead in their respective races until the final laps.  But that was okay, top two finishers moved on.  Hope they perform well for the rest of the weekend into the finals.

2008_skating 067

Canadian Women's Relay team – photo Todd Wong

It's kind of a strange relay race.  They don't pass a baton.  They tag each other up, and in between they take turns giving each other a push to initiate the relay and keep their momentuum going.

2008_skating 061

Chinese team gives their skater a push – photo Todd Wong

2008_skating 084

Teams in right corner give each other a push during the relays- photo Todd Wong

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World Cup Short Track Speed Skating

World Cup Short Track Speed…

One thought on “Short Track Speed Skating World Cup in Vancouver – very cool

  1. Anonymous

    THANK YOU for the wonderful pictures. I loved the one with Apolo in them. ;]
    Oh and not to be rude or anything, but your title is misleading. This is NOT the World Championships. This is just the second World Cup of the circuit. World Championships happen in March.
    Just thought you should know.


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