Stuart Mackinnon, new Vancouver Parks commisioner thanks his dedicated campaign team and volunteers

2008_Dec 061 by you.
Parks Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon (yellow jacket) with his Vancouver Chinese-Canadian campaign team volunteers James, Ren, Todd, Julie and Raphael. – photo Todd Wong collection.

 Stuart Mackinnon was sworn in as Vancouver Parks Commisioner on Monday Dec 1st.  He has been an advocate for parks and a Green Party candidate for many years. Check out his blog site Better Parks at

On Friday Dec 6th, he held a thank you dinner for his trusted and dedicated volunteers and campaign team at Spicy Court Restaurant at Cambie and 41st Ave. in Vancouver.  This was also the 2002 site for the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner in the middle of a snow storm.

The food was great, the company was greater.  Stuart recognized the contributions of each volunteer and what it personally meant to him.  We are proud that Stuart was elected as a Vancouver Parks Commissioner with the highest number ever for a Vancouver civic Green Party candidate.

We know he will represent the values of the Green Party and hold the Vision Vancouver Parks board majority accountable for environmental issues, as well as working together with his fellow progressive Vision Vancouver and COPE commissioners.

2008_Dec 058

Some of Stuart Mackinnon's dedicated campaign volunteers -(sitting) Rowan, Andy, Stuart, Ren, James (standing) Todd, Mac, Julie and Raphael – photo Todd Wong Collection

At the dinner, Stuart shared with me that he has been invited to give the Immortal Memory address about Robert Burns, by the Vancouver & District Labour Council, for their annual Robbie Burns Dinner fundraiser for Queen Alexandra Elementary School.  Stuart says he is honoured.  I am personally miffed that the VDLC didn't invite me…. even though I am now a member of the VDLC as a representative of CUPE 391. Okay… I am kidding… hee hee…. I am busy enough planning my own Robbie Burns Dinner, known globally as Gung Haggis Fat Choy. 

2008_Dec 052

Did we say that the food was good?  Lobster with cream sauce and noodles.  Yum Yum….  Also on the menu were Peking Duck, and Lettuce wrap.  Stuart really knows how to please his Chinese constituency!  Hey! Did you know that Stuart spent time in China teaching English?  And last year he led a delegation of Metro Vancouver teachers on a trip to the People's Republic of China where he gave a talk about Norman Bethune.  Heck… sometimes I swear that Stuart Mackinnon knows more about Chinese culture than I do!  And maybe he might concede that I know more about Scottish culture than he does…. hee hee hee….

It has been a wonderful journey becoming friends with Stuart Mackinnon.  If there is one word to describe him, it is honourable.  He is dedicated to the community, and also to his dog Kikujiro. We know that Stuart will serve the citizens of Vancouver well as Parks commisioner.

See my flickr photo set:

Stuart Mackinnon Vancouver Parks Commissioner Victory/Thank you party

Stuart Mackinnon Vancouver…

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