Try the “Think you know Scotland” Quiz

I have never been to Scotland – but I know “THIS MUCH” about Scotland…

This is a quiz about Scotland for the Homecoming Scotland website.
It's the 250th Anniversary of Robbie Burns' birth – and Tourism Scotland is in overdrive.
I checked out the website and tried the quiz getting 2/5, then 2/5… then finally a 4/5.
It's a good quiz with questions taken from The Scottish Quiz Book.  Hit the Try Again button and five new questions pop up.

1: ‘And me and my true love will never meet again….’ Where?

a) Paisley

b) Loch Lomond

c) Ben Nevis

2: What position did Donald Dewar hold in the first Scottish Parliament?

a) First Minister

b) Transport Minister

c) Education Minister

3: Which breed of cattle has given Scottish beef an international reputation for quality?

a) Kobe

b) Aberdeen Angus

c) Charolais

4: Which mountain is sometimes called ‘the Sugar Loaf’?

a) Suilven

b) Ben Nevis

c) Ben Macdui

5: In which Scottish village was the TV series Hamish MacBeth filmed?

a) Plockton

b) Ullapool

c) Luss

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