Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon will dance with Silk Road Music's Cultural Olympiad show 1:30pm at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens, following Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown

Silk Road Music's Qiu Xia He is organizing a FANTASTIC show at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Courtyard for Chinese New Year Parade February 1st.  Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon will do a dance!

The Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team will bring their team mascot to Chinese New Year's Cultural Olympiad show at 1:30 pm in the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Courtyard, beside the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Classical Gardens, at the Chinese Cultural Centre.  The above picture is their dragon's debut at the St. Patrick's Day Parade.  Michael Brophy holds the head, while Joy, Deb, Hillary and Richard assist. – photo J. Wong

February 1st, Vancouver Chinatown Parade
+ special Cultural Olympiad show at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Courtyard.

This show is presented by the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Gardens, who will be having admission by donation for the day.  There will be Japanese taiko drums played by a Chinese-Canadian, there will be Chinese songs sung by a White-Canadian, there will be African dancing, and classical Chinese dancing, and French-Canadian reels.  If I could have all these performers at a Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner, I would… if we could fit them in.  But I can't… so I have to come down to Chinatown to see this show.

The Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team members will be performing a dragon dance for the 2nd show in the afternoon, following the Chinatown Parade at noon.  We have some volunteers, who
will perform OUR version of the DRAGON DANCE this Sunday, Feb 1st, at
the Cultural Olympiad show at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Courtyard. (Chinese
Cultural Centre).

Please remember Chinatown will be very busy, and challenging to find parking.  Last year, I parked over by the Beatty St. Armouries.  The Chinatown Parkade is good – but get there early.

Please come down and enjoy the show.  Here are important times.

10:30 am – FIRST Show @ Dr. Sun Yat Sen Courtyard (we aren't in it)

12 noon – Chinatown Parade begins

1:00 – Gung Haggis dragon dancers meet @ Dr. Sun Yat Sen courtyard.    
We will sit near the front row.

1:30 – 3:30 Cultural Olympiad Show. We will perform in 1st and last songs. 

This show is organized by Qiu Xia He of Silk Road Music,  and the MC is Dr. Jan Walls, who did a wonderful performance of a Robbie Burns Chinese clapper tale for the recent Gung Haggis Fat Choy Robbie Burns Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner.

IMG_6604 by stevely27.

Michael Brophy leads the Gung Haggis dragon at the St. Patrick's Day Parade with Hillary and Leanne. – photo courtesy of Steve Duncan.

Todd Wong with a “horse” at the 2006 Chinese New Year parade in Vancouver Chinatown – photo D. Martin


Message from Qiu Xia
of Silk Road Music – the event organizer

Thanks Todd for the great event! and thanks for your great promo on your site!

are looking forward to see your team on the Feb 1. Please advise your
team dress warm and bring your own lunch ( there are tea and snack but
not enough for everyone's lunch) When you finish your first set, please
put your dragon back to the office in the garden since the green room
tent is full of people.
We would like to you
to dance with us on the First and last piece in front of the stage( the
stage is too full).  There are dancers and stilt dances happening at
the sometime, please watch where you go, make sure you are safe.
Your cheque will be paid by the garden that day, don't forgot.
Here is the program of PM:
Second show: 1:30-3:30pm (full set)
Happiness (with Gung Haggis Fat Choy Dragon Team,Happy Dancing Group, Still Moon Arts Stilt Dancers)
Better and Better with Speeches(with Katharine Carol/Cultural Olympiad, others)
Happy New Year Song ( Feng jun)
Kang Ding Love song ( with Feng jun and Willy)
MC spot. 
Taiko feature- In Your Dreams (Bonnie and Uzume taiko)
Clouds (with Jesica dance)
Feng Yang Flower Song (Lorita Leong Dancers, Happy Dancing Group and audiences)
Nomad Rustic Song ( with Feng jun and Willy)
The Makala Dancers( or Jacky solo with A pair)
My home town is Beijing ( Feng Jun)
Jessamine Flowers(Feng jun and Willy with audiences sing along)
your veil ( with Jessica and Chunxin)
The Makala dancers( Jacky with audiences)
Con te Partiro( with Willy and Feng jun)
Gao Shan Qing ( with Feng jun and Willy)
Horse Race( with Jun rong)
MC spot. 
Devil’s reel 
Taiko feature-Matsuri Taiko (Bonnie and Uzume taiko)
Great Race Zodiac Dance finale( with all performers, include DRAGON Mascot)
Last Speech
Thank you again!

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