Stanely Park with snow frosting February 26, 2009

2009_February 257 by you. – photo Todd Wong

Snow always makes things look prettier or scarier.  During the snow storms of December, I didn't get a chance to take pictures in Stanley Park.  I was always driving through the causeway enroute somewhere elese.  Thursday morning, I was able to stop at the Robert Burns and Lord Stanley statues, the Hollow Tree, and Prospect Point. 

The light snow cover really emphasized the damage caused by the big windstorm of 2006.  It opened up many new views never seen before. 

2009_February 243

There is now a plaque and monument at Prospect Point that recognizes
the event and the many donors who contributed to the restoration of
Stanley Park.

2009_February 244

2009_February 266

I also paid a visit to the The Hollow Tree, poor dilapidated subject of so many opinions to be put to rest or resurrected.  My great-grandma had a wedding picture taken in front of this tree back around 1907

2009_February 284

And to Lord Stanley, famous for donating Stanley Park… and of course the Stanley Cup – the holy grail of hockey!
On the monument are the words:

“To the use and enjoyment of people of all colours creeds and customs for all time ~ I name thee Stanley Park”

– Lord Stanley, Governor General, October 1889

2009_February 268

And to Robbbie Burns, of course…. with Lord Stanley in the background.

February 26 Snow in Stanley Park

February 26 Snow in Stanley…

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