Rob O'Dea survives his 7 day Fast for Homelessness

Rob O'Dea is the latest survivor of the Hunger Strike Relay. 

The Hunger Strike relay was started on December 29th by community and housing activisit Am Johal.  The protest raises awareness for the need for a national housing strategy—missing in Canada since 1993.


Am passed it on to Michael Byers who I saw on his last day of the hunger strike, when he came to give a talk for CUPE 391 Vancouver Library Workers.

Along the way, the hunger strike relay spoon was passed to Sarah Evans, Brent Granby, Dr. Marria Townsend, Jason Gratl, Sister Elizabeth Kelleher, Mira Malestinic, David Eby, and Sarah Blyth, Constance Barnes,

Rob O'Dea took the wooden relay spoon from Jay Black and Garvin Snider


2009_March 080

I met Rob at the Jenn McGinn fundraiser at Figmint on Saturday night.  He told me that he lost about 19 pounds in 7 days, on his liquid diet that did not allow for any soup or processed foods.  Lots of juices and water.  Luckily, Rob was able to drink some beer at the fundraiser, but unable to eat any of the delicious appetizers being passed around on trays.

Rob described being on the fast, as “very cleansing”, and said it really helped to bring clarity to his thinking.  But it was also distracting due to hunger yearnings.  He recommended keeping active, if you choose to volunteer for this hunger strike relay. 

Rob's goal was to try to help raise the profile of the hunger strike relay, which he did by sending letters to National leaders in Canadian Parliament.  Rob started a Hunger Strike Blog on, and met with Jack Layton while he was in Vancouver last weekend.

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