Todd Wong's video application to be one of ten torch bearers for the City of Vancouver

There was NOT enough time to list everything I wanted, my aspirations, my understandings, my endorsements… to be an Olympic Torch Bearer for the City of Vancouver.

They didn't want me to name my city councilor endorsements because they said they wanted to keep it non-political.

feared if I said I was endorsed by Shelagh Rogers, it wouldn't be an
even playing field, and it could unfairly influence judges.  But
suggested I read endorsements without naming the endorser.

Thankfully, I brought the Terry Fox Gold Medal plaque and BC Community Achievement Medallion along with me.  These are two awards that I am very proud to have received.  The SFU Terry Fox Gold Medal may be given annually to somebody who has demonstrated Courage in Adversity and Dedication to Society.  The award was first given to Terry Fox in 1981, and it was later awarded to Rick Hansen.  Last year, I recieved the BC Community Achievement Award, for my work saving historic Joy Kogawa House, creating Gung Haggis Fat Choy, as well as community work for dragon boats and speaking at Terry Fox Runs, as a cancer survivor.

Please see these videos that speak greatly to the creativity that I brought to the video sessions.  Thanks to my friend David Wong, who videoed the event with my camera… okay we will try to find a way to rotate them.  David's like me… we shoot to get the best photo, and forget that vertical does not work for videos.

2009_May 098
WELCOME to VANCOUVER with Chinese Lion mask

2009_May 101
ALOHA, Welcome, O SIEM, Welcome.  Todd says welcome in Hawaiian and Inuktitut

The directions were to say “Welcome” in English, and if possible in another language.  I chose “Aloha” in Hawaiian, and “O Siem” in Inuktitut.  “Aloha” also means love and compassion, and is used as “hello” or “goodbye.”  “O Siem” was used in a wonderful song by Susan Aglukark, and she says “What it
basically means is welcoming and honoring guests, whether that is a
gathering or a meeting of sorts, a conference etc..”
  Gee… perfect to use as a greeting to Canadian Olympics in 2010, which is using an Inuit inukshuk as it's official logo.

2009_May 104
Todd says why he wants to be torchbearer, and lists his accomplishments
and understanding of the symbbolism of the Olympic Torch.

Here are endorsements from city councilors, community leaders and Shelagh Rogers

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