Kilts Night in May at Doolin's Irish Pub

2009_May 121 by you.
Every 1st Thursday many of our Gung Haggis dragon boaters attend Kilts Night at Doolin's Irish Pub.  It's a fun social, with great music by Halifax Wharf Rats, and just a fun excuse to wear our kilts. – photo Todd Wong
2009_May 124
Michelle of the Halifax Wharf Rats plays a flute solo – photo Todd Wong

2009_May 117

We introduced two kilt virgins to the joys of wearing kilts.  Oops, they were kind of shy and insisted on wearing their pants under the kilts!

One thought on “Kilts Night in May at Doolin's Irish Pub

  1. Anonymous

    Nei ho. Howzitgaun?
    Fair play to you fellas. Looks like you have a great crowd together over there. Two of us are coming over to Vancouver from Scotland for a wee holiday in a few weeks' time. Sadly, we won't be there at the start of the month for Kilts Night, but we'll be wearing the plaid and will hit Doolins for a pint anyway. Don't be shy to approach us at the bar if any of you are in…. mine's a Guinness and the wee man likes his lager!!!!!!!


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