The Alley Health Fair: How to make the alleys of Main & Hastings safe, fun and educational

2009_Sept_Alley_Health_Fair 057

& Hastings is normally one of the places in Vancouver you always
want to avoid – especially the back alley – because of many issues such
as drug use, homelessness etc. But on today, it was a place of friendship, food, information, education and community.

Wow! Yesterday we saw people selling crack and using hand-held propane heaters….
Today we saw a vibrant community helping each other… and a long line up for great tasting rice and chicken!
Lots of people pitching in to create a very successful 3hour health fair that lasted 4 hours.

I work for the Vancouver Public Library, and about 2 months ago, I answered the call to drive a truck to help the library end of organizing this 2nd annual Alley Health Fair.

2009_Sept_Alley_Health_Fair 003

This is what the alley looked like this morning, after it had been washed and swept.

2009_Sept_Alley_Health_Fair 064

Soon, it looked like this! Community organizations such as the Aboriginal Front Door Society were each set up at a tent.

2009_Sept_Alley_Health_Fair 076

Mayor Gregor Robertson made an appearance at the “pedal power blender.” This is the man who was behind the Happy Planet juice and smoothie enterprise.

Click this video to see how pedal power makes a smoothie!

See more pictures on my flickr account.

Alley Health Fair - behind Main & Hastings

Alley Health Fair – behind…

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