Toddish McWong going to Burns Country

On my way to Ayr – home of Robert Burns

I am now in Glasgow, catching a train to Ayr to find a B&B. Ayr is a resort town, so I have been told there should be nae problem finding a room.

Finally I met a native English speaking Asian. Sarah sat across from me on the train. She has been studying and working in Edinburgh.

She was actually born in Malaysia and has lived in Scotland for 4 years.

She sounds like the Harry Potter character, named Cho-San, who was Chinese-Scottish – but with a Malaysian/Singapore lilt to her accent.

It's been interesting exploring the Scottish connections of Harry Potter and JK Rowling. I have sat, eaten and used the internet at Elephant House

restaurant – the same coffee shop where much of the first 3 Harry Potter novels were written.

I had always thought that the postscript of the last Harry Potter book, should have Harry living in Canada with Cho-San as his wife.

It would be like the story of many Scots emigrants to Canada, but with a contemporary Canadian twist of multiculturalism.

Cho-San and Harry could have multicultural children! Maybe I will still write a fan-fiction piece for my website.

It could be a Harry Potter Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner!

I have found free internet in the Apple Store in Glasgow, and I am recharging my iPhone.

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