Kilts Night report for January 7 2010

KILTS NIGHT for a New Year

2010_Psyche 018Allan McMordie, Todd Wong and Debbie Poon, give a toast on kilts night.

Every 1st Thursday, we assemble at Doolin's Irish Pub for Kilts Night.  We wear our kilts, and are treated to a free pint of Guinness beer.  We have been meeting at Doolin's since January 1st 2005

Kilts Night for us, is a nice social evening for friends, supplemented by great celtic and Canadiana music by the Halifax Wharf Rats – who also throw in their own blend of celtic tinged classic folk and rock music.

My friends Allan and Debbie have been coming to Kilts Night over the past years.  But this night was special for each of us.  I had recently lost my kitty cat to a stroke a few days before.  Debbie had lost her pet ferret on December Solstice Day.  The McMordie's lost their pet cat Lilly back on BC Day weekend.  We gave a toast to them as our good and well-loved animal companions. 

The first time Allan showed up was for the March 2008 Kilts Night – and we just happened to have a Vancouver Sun photographer show up for the article: Vancouver Sun: The next celebration – Toddish McWong helps to spread the word about Tartan Day

2010_Psyche 019

Michelle, flute and keyboard player of the Halfax Wharf Rats, always delights the crowd at Doolin's by walking into the audience while she plays her flute solos.  Smiles abound from kilt wearers Clive, Bruce and Don.  I am setting up a special table for Kilts Night regulars for the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner.  Bruce came last year and bought tickets from me that night.

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