Larry Kwong, NHL's first Asian hockey player finally getting recognition

A hockey trailblazer emerges from obscurity

Larry Kwong (left), who broke the colour barrier in the NHL in 1948, is joined by former Vancouver Canucks captain Trevor Linden after receiving an award in Penticton, B.C.

The first Asian to play in the NHL, Larry Kwong is at last receiving the recognition he deserves – photo Chad Soon

Tom Hawthorn writes a great story for the Globe & Mail about Larry Kwong, the first Asian player in the NHL

The news media is catching onto one of the greatest hockey stories never told: The story of how Larry Kwong only played one minute in the NHL, went on to become MVP in the Quebec Senior League, but never called up to the NHL again.

I attended the BC Hockey Hall of Fame induction dinner when Trevor Linden was the main event, on July 23, in Penticton BC.  But it was Trevor who took the time to come congratulate the inaugural Pioneer Award winner Larry Kwong. Three days after the event, the CBC Radio asked me for contact info on Chad Soon, the Vernon teacher who is spearheading the drive to nominate Larry Kwong into the BC Hockey Hall of Fame.  And now eleven days later, a story appears in the Globe & Mail.

Check out the CBC Radio podcast

Watch the video that was shown at the BC Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Dinner that preceded Larry Kwong receiving a standing ovation for the the inaugural Pioneer Award.
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23, 2010 – BC Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Dinner (Penticton, BC)
Who was the first player from the Okanagan to make the NHL? The answer
is our next honouree. Not only did Larry Kwong put the Okanagan on the
hockey map, he made international headlines for breaking the NHL's
colour barrier…

Read my story about the July 23, BC Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony event:

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