Brendan Uegama's “Henry's Glasses” + new Ann Marie Fleming film show at VIFF

VIFF… Henry's
Glasses (about a young boy in a Japanese-Canadian Internment Camp)
+ I
Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors (directed by Ann Marie Fleming
creator of the The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam)
Monday 3:30pm Pacific

Henry's Glasses
Henry's Glasses


plays in Acquired Trait

Canadian Images

(Canada, 2010, 20 mins, HDCAM)

Directed By: Brendan Uegama

PRODS: Brendan Uegama, Nicole leier
SCR/CAM: Brendan Uegama
ED: Corey Ogilvie
MUS: Crispin Hands
CAST: Matthew Nomura, Walter Uegama, Marie Shimizu, Moe Yang, Miyou Shimoshige, Kevan Ohtsji
In a Japanese-Canadian internment camp a young boy must use the power
of his imagination to escape reality and help his elderly new friend.

I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors
I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors


plays with Henry's Glasses

Canadian Images

(Canada, 2010, 16 mins, 35mm)

Directed By: Ann Marie Fleming

PROD: Gerry Flahive, Michael Fukushima
SCR: Ann Marie Fleming
EDS: Ileana Pietrobruno, Ann Marie Fleming
MUS: Normand Roger, Denis Chartrand, Pierre Yves Drapeau

An adaptation of the acclaimed memoir of the same name, this inventive
animation weaves together a political and personal history using the
healing power of humour

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