Media previews for Red Letters from The Province and The Straight.

Here are some media previews for Red Letters and Jade in the Coal

It's a busy week for Asian-Canadian Theatre.  Jade in the Coal opened Thursday Nov 25th, and Red Letters opened on Friday Nov 26th. 

Both feature music and are set during an important time of Chinese-Canadian history.

Jade in the Coal debuts at the UBC Frederic Wood Theatre – ‎Nov 25, 2010‎

opera houses and one of the biggest Chinatowns in North America, and
it's here that Paul Yee has set his remarkable historical play, Jade in the Coal.

Performers in Jade in the Coal are a delight to watch – Colin Thomas – ‎Nov 26, 2010‎
Vancouver-based Pangaea Arts has joined forces with the Guangdong Cantonese Opera Academy First Troupe to present Jade in the Coal, a play set in Cumberland

Poignant tale of lovers kept apart

The Province – Glen Schaefer – ‎Nov 25, 2010‎
Red Letters
is centred on Shen, an immigrant from China who leaves his wife Mei to
come to Canada seeking his fortune. When the new Canadian laws keep the

Red Letters at the Roundhouse – ‎Nov 25, 2010‎
Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre (better known as VACT) brings to life a
moving historical tale that touches on the dreaded head tax in Red Letters,

Musical confronts dark period of Canada's history

Xinhua – Al Campbell, Zhang Xiang – ‎Nov 26, 2010‎
The Red Letters,
a two-act play by Alan Bau, narrates the struggles of early Chinese in
Canada in a society where they faced extreme racism and exclusion

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