Chinese Lunar New Year parade in Vancouver Chinatown

Great pictures of rabbits in the Chinese Lunar New Year Parade in Vancouver Chinatown

It is always a wonderful photographic exercise at the Chinese Lunar New Year Parade in Vancouver Chinatown.  While the rain scared many people away, it wasn't more than a light drizzle.  I always like to walk around the marshalling area and photograph the groups getting ready for the parade. 

It is always most crowded along Pender St.  So this year, I went to stand along Keefer St, opposite the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Park , along the street.  Some people stood behind us along the rise of the Andy Livingston Park, just East of Columbia St.  I bumped into my friends Sonny and Ernesto, who had cycled down to avoid parking hassles.  It was good to catch up on chatting, as well as talk about the parade.  Sonny's niece was dancing with the Vancouver Academy of Dance, and we also waved to his sister-in-law.  I knew many people in the parade, and it was nice to wave, greet them, and take their pictures as they walked by.

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Toy stuffed rabbits decorate the hood of a car for the Vietnamese community entry. – photo T. Wong


V3 – Community youth group gather to relax and eat before the start of the parade.  – photo T. Wong

Miss Vietnam Friendship


Chinatown Revitalization Committee + BOB.  My friends Bob Sung and Shirley Chan are in this group. photo T.Wong

Seymour Taiko is a children's Taiko drumming group for Japanese drumming. – photo T.Wong

V3 and Miss Vietnam all take a picture together – photo T.Wong


The Easter Bunny arrives early and takes pictures with children! – photo T.Wong


The Fortune God waves to the audience. – photo T. Wong

The Fortune God, waves a Canadian flag. – photo T. Wong


The Chinese Canadian veterans of Pacific Unit 280.  Frank Wong, who landed at Normandy Beaches on D.Day walks behind the flag. Following behind on the right is Col. How Lee, who helped found the Chinese Canadian Military Museum.  This is the 2nd year that my grand-uncle Daniel Lee hasn't been in the parade, as he passed away last year.  I am glad to have met all his friends in Pacific Unit 280, and now count them as my own. photo T. Wong

The City of Vancouver Police Pipe Band – the only Pipe Band in the parade. – photo T.Wong


The best dragon in the entire parade – photo T.Wong


The dragon head is carried by a non-Chinese person, as many of the martial arts clubs have a diversity of membership – photo T.Wong.


Some of the parade organizers walk with VIPs.  Here is Ida Chong, MLA for Oak Bay/Gordon Head, and Minister of Sciences and Universities, walking with some of the leaders of the Chinatown organizations that organize the parade. photo T.Wong


Here is a God of Fortune, portrayed by Caucasian-Canadian, demonstrating that the festival is multicultural – photo T.Wong


Federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff wore red for the Vancouver Chinatown parade, photo T.Wong


CBC Radio One host/producer Sheryl MacKay of North By Northwest, came over to say hello. photo T.Wong


The Carnival Band always dresses up as the animal of the Chinese Zodiac year.  This year it is the year of the Rabbit. – photo T.Wong.


Vancity decorated two Smart cars as rabbits. – photo T.Wong


Even the car had a rabbit tail to go along with its ears – photo T.Wong.


Another Fortune God, who walked along with the dancers from the Vancouver Academy of Dance – photo T.Wong


The Vancouver Academy of Dance featured my friend's niece in the front row. – photo T.Wong

Young dancers from Vancouver Academy of Dance – photo T.Wong


A flag dancer from Vancouver Academy of Dance – photo T.Wong


Lion dancers were everywhere – photo T.Wong


Rabbit masks from the Community Arts Council of Vancouver – photo T.Wong


Big huge puppet of the Fortune God – photo T.Wong



My friends who support the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden, My cousin Hayne, Allan Cho, and Chris Lee. – photo T.Wong


The Chinese Revitalization Committe: my friends Glenn Wong, Bob Sung and Rick wave back at me – photo T.Wong


First Nations drummers lead the Canadians for Reconciliation, marching in solidarity for First Nations peoples – photo T.Wong

Bill Chu, of the Canadians for Reconciliation waves back – photo T. Wong


Shane Simpson MLA for Vancouver Hastings, shows the red envelops that he was handing out along the parade route – photo T.Wong

Vancouver City Councilor Kerry Jang and his two children give out lucky red envelopes – photo T.Wong

Here are all my photos from the parade on my Flickr account:

Vancouver Sun story:

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