Flamenco fusion hits the North Shore's Centennial Theatre on March 4-5

Flamenco fusion festival features “Cafe de Chinatas” set for Centennial Theatre

March 4-5 at Centennial Theatre

The 7th annual Jondo Flamenco Festival, presented by the Peña Buleria Flamenco Club

Friday March 4th @ 8pm
Café de Chinitas Cuadro / Romeo & Juliet

Saturday March 5th @ 2pm
Persian & Flamenco Fusion Concert

Saturday March 5th @ 8pm
Gala Performance featuring World-Class International Artists

I LOVE flamenco fusion… why not? All art forms evolve and change.  Without change it becomes meaningless museum pieces.  We are NOT the same people our grandparents were, nor who are grandchildren will be.  Social constructs and values change, learn and adapt.  

Spain no longer is a colonial powerhouse.  China is no longer an imperial dynasty – but their cultural legacies are still felt everywhere they touched or influenced.  

If there was no flamenco fusion, then there would be no Misa Flamenco by Paco Pena… There would be no Friday Night in San Francisco by Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin and Al Dimeola.  

Multiculturalism provides the impetus to learn from and experiment.  Each cultures adds a different flavor, just like the spices of the world.  Imagine if Netherlands, Spain, and Britain did not enrich their own cultures without the spices and foods and products of the NEW World.  Imagine if no trading or travel had ever happened along the Silk Road Route from China to Italy.

Flamenco Fusion is the next step as a rocket ship was to the biplane, as jet boats are to the Chinese junk, and the Spanish galleons.  Viva Flamenco Fusion! Ole!

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