Charlie Brown Christmas Music by Trio Pacifica with my bagpiper friend Joe McDonald

Vancouver Christmas Music

A Charlie Brown's Christmas with Trio Pacifica

Here's is something seasonably early.  Charlie Brown's Christmas music by Vince Guaraldi, was one of my first records I ever owned as a child.  My friend Joe McDonald is now playing Charlie Brown Christmas music with his musical partners in Trio Pacifica. 

Joe McDonald LOVES Charlie Brown Christmas Music!

Italian-American Christmas jazz music that is universally loved.  What could be more multicultural than this?

Joe has played bagpipes for Gung Haggis Fat Choy Robbie Burns Chinese
New Year events since 2001, both at Chinese Restaurants and the
Vancouver Public Library for Gung Haggis World Poetry events.

Check out this Charlie Brown Christmas Music youtube video:

Vancouver Christmas MusicTrio Pacifica

If you want a wonderful addition to any Christmas Party!

Check out Joe's website for more information

Contact Joe McDonald 604 435 2954 for bookings

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