Gung Haggis dragon boat team gets ready for Bill Alley regatta @ Lotus Sports Club's Barnet Marine Park race site.

First dragon boat race of 2011 for
Gung Haggis team is next week
at Barnet Marine Park in Burnaby

2010_May_Lotus_Races 003 by you.
May 2010 – Gung
Haggis dragon boat team gets ready for their first race of the season,
as they paddled to the start line at Lotus Sports Club's Bill Alley
Dragon boat regatta @ Barnet Marine Park in Burnaby.   photo T.Wong

Our dragon boat season always starts off with a fun event – the Bill Alley Dragon Boat Regatta, hosted by the Lotus Sports Club, at Burnaby's Barnet Marine Park.

Three things happen.
1) We have our first races of the season against 23 other teams.
2) We help to raise money for the Bill Alley scholarship fund, by bringing out our Chinese lions and dragon to create a special event.
3) It's an incredible team bonding experience that a) makes new friends of team mates and b) gives the new paddlers their first race event!

The next TWO
practices are IMPORTANT

Sunday – May 1st 11am
May 3rd  6pm

These are the final two
practices before May 7th Race at Barnett Marine Park.
This is one of
our funnest events of the year…. Our team is ready for a race now.  Our paddlers have now paddled 500m distance (not a full strength) but they have done full
strength starts and finish…. so this coming week will have full race pieces.

At the Burnaby event, there will be 2 warm-up races +
Division Final + Challenge Final.  Usually every paddler
on our team will spare one race out…. so everybody paddles at least 3
races… for about 2 1/2 minutes.

We now need everybody to sign
the Team Race Waiver
cost per event is $30 per person – includes
CORA fee.

We will be at the race
site aprox 9 to 3pm.  We have tents, tarps and usually set up a bbq. 
Bring your own picnic chair and blanket. 

Here is a link to my
blog story about our race at Lotus last year:

information + maps – can be found here:

Our next two practices will focus on race preparation and
race routines…
eg. What happens during a race.

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