Vancouver Chinatown Revitalization program doing community consultations

study of Vancouver Chinatown underway
There is a community open house, with
dinner at Floata Restaurant tomorrow Wednesday 5:30-7:30 with presentations and entertainment.
… and the
consultant is a former dragon boat paddler from San Francisco, that I first became friends with back in 2005.

City been working with the community to revitalize Chinatown for many
years.  I have known many people who have been working with the “Chinatown Revitalization Committee.”  Back in 2002, I attended some of the meetings for their arts comittee.  There are many issues that are going on.  

I would love for Chinatown to be revitalized.  My parents and my maternal grandmother grew up in neighboring Strathcona, and my great great grand father Rev. Chan Yu Tan was minister of the Chinese United Church.  Some of my earliest memories are visiting my father's parents who lived at the Maclean Park towers, one block away from Chinatown.

Back in 1986, I was a volunteer and committee member for the exhibition Saltwater City, chaired by author Paul Yee.  It was a museum quality exhibition that celebrated 100 years of the Chinese community in Vancouver.  Paul then wrote a book titled Saltwater City, which won the inaugural City of Vancouver Book Award in 1989.

In 2002, the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum and Archives, held a photo and exhibit display titled “Three Pioneer Canadian Chinese Families” – featuring the Rev. Chan Yu Tan Family, along with Lee Bick and H.Y. Louie familes.

I wrote section on Chinatown for New Colourguide for Vancouver,
Victoria & Whistler , published in November 2009 – click on the pictures to link to enlargements
that you can read.

There are many views about what is happening currently in Vancouver Chinatown, and what needs to happen, or should happen.

Here is an article in the Georgia Straight:

Here is a post from the blogsite UGLY CHINESE CANADIAN

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