Upcoming Japanese-Canadian Festivals for July

Check out these upcoming events at the National Nikkei Museum
& Heritage Centre.
view image of Nikkei Place

Japanese Star Festival

July 7, 11am-9pm
Celebrate this traditional summer festival by making paper decorations
and writing your wish onto a colourful paper streamer, and then hang the
decoration on bamboo. A fun activity for all ages!

Yukata kitsuke workshop
Saturday, July 16, 2pm

Would you like to wear your Yukata more often to the summer fireworks
and festivals? This is your chance to learn step by step how to put on
your Yukata and look good.
Please bring a yukata, obi, 2 or 3 koshihimo, and wear a t-shirt or tank
top with shorts.
Minimum 3 people, maximum 10.
Parents can learn how to dress their kids. Children over 10 years old
can learn how to dress themself.
Registration fee $10. Tel 604.777.7000

National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre
6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby, BC

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