Vote for Kilts!

Wear a kilt and go after the Scottish-Celtic ethnic vote!

Vision Vancouver candidates for council
and mayor,
Raymond Louie and Gregor Robertson have attended may of the Gung Haggis Fat
Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Dinners.  This picture is from 2008 with VIP host Deb Martin. 
That same year, Raymond
joined a kilted “Toddish McWong” on Rock 101's Bro Jake Show on Robbie
Burns Day this year.  In this photo Raymond is wearing the Royal Stuart
tartan, while Gregor wears his Robertson family tartan – photo
VFK / Todd Wong collection.

Many of the Vancouver politicians have attended the Gung Haggis Fat Choy Dinner – but not everybody wears a kilt

BC and Canada all have long Scottish-influenced roots.  Vancouver's
first Mayor, Malcolm Alexander Maclean, was born in Scotland.  Canada's
first two Prime Ministers Sir John A. MacDonald Alexander Mackenzie. 
BC's first governor Sir James Douglas was raised in Scotland, after
being born in British Guyana to a Scottish father and a Creole mother. 
And then there are rivers named after Scottish-Canadian explores
Alexander Mackenzie and Simon Fraser.

Read the Scottish Page from “The History of Metropolitan Vancouver”

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson wore a kilt to his inauguration in 2008.  Coquitlam mayor Richard Stewart also regularly wears a kilt.

All the current City councilors have attended Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinners – Heather Deal and Raymond Louie have worn kilts to Gung Haggis dinners, but Tim Stevenson, Geoff Meggs, and Andrea Reimer haven't – Ellen Woodsworth, Kerry Jang and Suzanne Anton have worn Chinese styled fashion.

Parks commissioners Stuart Mackinnon, Constance Barnes, Sarah Blyth, and Aaron Jasper have attended Gung Haggis dinners.  Stuart wears his kilt, and is a former paddler with the Gung Haggis dragon boat team.  Constance and Sarah have worn multicultural mixed fashion – Constance included her African and Scottish heritage.  Stuart has been a strong independent voice on the Parks board – able to
work with commissioners from each of the other COPE and npa parties. 
Stuart bought his kilt outfit
last year soon after joining the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team,
and wore it with the team in a documentary about Vancouver's
multiculturalism for German Public Television.  Stuart's kilt is
primarily Green – like his party.

Parks Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon in his red kilt, city councilors Ellen Woodsworth, Kerry Jang, Suzanne Anton and parks commissioners Sarah Blyth and Constance Barnes. – photo Patrick Tam Flunging Pictures

Donalda Greenwell-baker is running for Parks Board.  Here she is wearing a tartan skirt that she bought at silent auction for the 2010 Burns Dinner for the Vancouver District Labour Council, so money goes to supporting the meal programs at the Queen Alexandra Elementary School. – photo Todd Wong

DSC_0001 by you.
Tartan Day (April 6) was proclaimed for City of Vancouver,
on April 3, 2008.  It was moved by councilor Heather Deal and seconded
by Raymond Louie.   Mayor Sam Sullivan and many city councilors have
supported the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner over the years.  In this
picture Tim Stevenson is holding the Fraser Hunting Tartan backwards. 
He said after I corrected him “I can't do anything straight!”

Heather Deal is wearing a tartan skirt.  Bagpiper Allan McMordie wears
his full dress outfit.  Mayor Sullivan and councilors BC Lee and George
Chow wear tartan sashes. Toddish McWong wears the Fraser Hunting Tartan,
as does councilor Kim Capri in the mini-kilted version.

Todd Wong (centre right in red vest) wears the tartan on St. Patrick’s Day, along with Nathalie Coulombe (right) and others at Doolan’s Pub.
View Larger Image View Larger Image and Story – click here!
the best photo opportunity for a city councilor in a kilt! 
English-born but Michigan-raised Vancouver City Councilor Heather Deal
came to the April Kilts Night, and her family tartan graced the
Vancouver Sun photo.  It was Heather who helped develop the Tartan Day
proclamation and moved it at Vancouver City Hall on April 1st. 

was councilor Raymond Louie who as deputy mayor, actually read the
proclamation on April 6th Tartan Day at a ceremony at Creekside Park,
with the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team. 
see story:
A Tartan Day dragon boat paddle practice… with bagpiper and proclamation reading

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