Rest in Peace Alex Louie

Alex Louie, WW2 veteran & Chinatown business man, passes away
 Alex Louie, at the 2010 Remembrance Day ceremonies in Vancouver Chinatown.
Pastor Wesley Lowe stands on Louie's right, and fellow veteran Robert Kent on his left.
to hear our family friend Alex Louie passed away.
Alex made contributions to Chinese Canadian history as a WW2 veteran, and a Vancouver Chinatown businessman for both the Marco Polo Restaurant and Le Kiu import store.  Two of his daughters have made big contributions to Chinese history and culture too.  Alexina Louie is one of Canada's top classical music composers, and is a recipient of the Order of Canada.  Jari Osborne directed the film Unwanted Soldiers.
My father painted
the show cards for the Marco Polo Restaurant, and for Le Kiu store.
Alex was a WW2 vet, and the feature story in the documentary “Unwanted
Soldiers”. I noticed that he wasn't at the Remembrance Day ceremonies
in Chinatown this past November. Our condolences to his family… Rest
in Peace Alex, you've been a warrior for a long time.

Mia Stainsby, writes an obituary news article in today's Vancouver Sun.

Here is an interview with Alex Louie for the Chinese Canadian Military Museum oral history project

is the link to the NFB film “Unwanted Soldiers” with interviews of Alex
Louie and many other veterans – produced by Alex's daughter Jari

This documentary tells the personal story of filmmaker Jari Osborne's father, Alex Louie.  Also some good interviews with Chinatown legend Roy Mah, creator and publisher of Chinatown News, and John Ko Bong.

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