Peaceful Restaurant, is a Vancouver trendsetter according to Georgia Straight

Are Vancouver restaurants trendsetters?
We went to Peaceful Restaurant on Broadway following dragon boat practice.
little article about food in Vancouver – with a mention of one of my
favorite Chinese restaurants. Great lunch yesterday at Peaceful Restaurant after dragon boat practice. Great hand made noodles and potato

We always look for good cheap eats following a dragon boat practice, and over the years we have developed some favorite restaurants.  We had been to Sha-Lin
noodle house off and on over the years, and really enjoyed their hand made noodles. But one evening, when it was too crowded, we
discovered Peaceful, and fell in love with both the food and the people – Especially Amelia!

This Sunday, we ordered Mu-Chuy vegetables with hand-made noodles, as well as our perennial favorite potato rolls.  We then added some more noodles with spicy cucumbers.  Xiaolongbao are also some of our favorites – they are bun dumplings with meat and soup inside.  How they get the soup inside is a mystery!!!

Restaurant-industry professionals debate how trendsetting our food scene is on a global scale and what makes our city unique.

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