Happy Italian Day – I will help celebrate on Commercial Drive today

In my heart I am Italian… Italian was my 3rd language (musically speaking), I play Italian-made Titano accordion, especially Funiculi Funicula and O Solo Mio, I grew up in Italian neighborhood of Grandview, I love cooking pasta… I dated Italian-Canadian girls… I loved Marco Polo Restaurant (wait – that was in Chinatown!) http://italianday.ca/

Okay… I think that more than qualifies me for being Italian.  Much more than last week when Christie Clark states  “In my heart I am Filipina” at an event for Phillipine Independence Day- http://www.theprovince.com/entertainment/heart+Filipina+says+Christy+Clark+Vancouver+Philippine+Independence/6723725/story.html


Italian day | on Commercial Drive


Italian Day on the Drive Sunday, June 10, 2012, 12 PM – 8 PM The Italian Day Festival Society in collaboration with the Commercial Drive Business Society and the Italian Cultural Centre are excited to organize and present for the third consecutive year – Italian Day: a celebration of Italian her…

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