Happy Duan Wu Double Fifth Chinese Festival mixed with Greek Days on Broadway in Vancouver Day!!!

It’s Greek Day on Broadway St. in Vancouver… on the same weekend as Chinese Duanwu Festival, also known as Dragon Boat Festival and the Double Fifth, is a traditional and statutory holiday originating in China… hmmm…. time for a Chinese-Greek-fusion festival… Greek Haggis Fat Choy? Gung Greek Fat Choy? waitminit… don’t the Greeks wrap up rice in grape leaves and call them dolmades? Gung Haggis Fat Dolmades???
Check out this picture from China below – they are dressed up as rice dumplings, wrapped in green tea leaves… with strings attached. It is traditional to throw rice dumplings into the water at a dragon boat festival…. I should bring some to practice today.
 Check out Greek Day in Vancouver.  www.greekday.com

GREEK DAY 2012, Sunday June 24th – Greek Heritage Month & Greek Day

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