Gung Haggis dragon boat team is the fastest 16 paddler team at Harrision Dragon Boat Regatta

Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team team paddles in their 2nd race of the day, which they came 1st in.   Deb Martin is drummer and Manfred Preuss is guest steers – photo Marion Fang

Summary of  dragon boat racing at Harrison Dragon Boat Regatta by Karl Castillo

Congratulations to our successful Harrison Dragon Boat Regatta on July 21st.  Paddling with only 15 from Gung Haggis and a borrowed paddler from the combine MetroVancouver 44 Cheeks / SwordFish team, we did a lot better than we have expected.  Thanks to Manfred and Shawn for the excellent steering, Deb Martin for being an excellent drummer, and Anne Darrousin for being able to paddle even without practice for almost a month during her vacation.

We paddled far beyond our expectations and here are the results:

Race 10 (200m) Lane 2: 4th – 0:59.750
Race 27 (my lucky number and bday, 500m) Lane 3: 1st – 2:34.280
Race 35 (500m) Lane 1: 4th – 2:33.280
Race 49 (500m, D Final Consolation) Lane 2: 5th – 2:43.870

For the record, the time of everyone in that heat increased dramatically as well.

For 16 people we were expected to be in the lower division (ie. E consolation/final), however, because of passion and heart that everyone showed. We have beaten the odds and made it to a division where we would be considered as underdogs.

Good racing. Have a well earned sleep and alcohol.

Once again, congratulations to the fastest 16-paddler boat!

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