Rhapsody in Blue on Accordion… or Many Accordions…

I love the George Gershwin composition Rhapsody in Blue.  I have an abridged solo accordion transcription that I often play.
But if I had 25 more accordion-playing friends who could play along with me, then we could do this:

Rhapsody in blue George Gershwin Brodski harmonika┼íki orkestar “Bela pl. Panthy”, Slavonski Brod Godi┼ínji koncert 2009 – Slavonski Brod
And if we had a 40 piece accordion orchestra + piano soloist – we could do this!
George Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue (Piano and Accordion Orchestra) Erik Reischl, Thomas Bauer, LAOH.┬á Erik Reischl performs Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. This is a special, live performance for piano and accordion orchestra. Landes-Akkordeon-Orchester …
If the “clarinet” player gets sick, they just give the part to another accordionist who pushes the “clarinet” switch on his treble keyboard. My accordion also has switches for bassoon, piccolo, oboe, violin, musette, organ, harmonium, bandoneon and accordion. I should try this at home!

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