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Sunday Dragon boat practice with Todd for Gung Haggis / Centre for Spiritual Living team

Hi everybody
Practice this Sunday will be shifted to 3pm at Plaza of Nations from 1:30pm.  This is to accomodate a 1:00pm Tai Chi lesson which I am sure will really demonstrate the concepts of POWER VS FORCE that we have been integrating into the dragon boat practices.
11am – Church Service at Odd Fellows Hall
1443 West 8th Ave.  on the Block immediately East of Granville St.
12:30pm – social time upstairs
1 to 2:30pm – Tai Chi lesson in main hall
3pm – 5pm – Dragon Boat practice at Plaza of Nations.
to find out more about the Centre for Spiritual Living in Vancouver check out:

Review: Dr. Anthony Chan reading at Vancouver Public Library

Dr. Anthony Chan held a very lively and interesting discussion about his book Li Ka-Shing: Hong Kong's Elusive Billionaire at the Vancouver Public Library, Aug 27, 2004.

Chan told the story of how Li Ka-Shing truly rose from rags to riches, to become one of the most wealthy billionaires in the world, first developing plastic flowers and toothbrushes in the 1940's and 1950's to controlling many container ports in Mexico, Panama, and closer to home: having a 9% interest in CIBC beginning in 1973, and later developing the Concord Pacific Expo 86 site on Vancouver's False Creek waterfront.

Chan also addressed some of the issues behind:

1) The aborted bid by Li's son, Victor, to initially buy troubled Air Canada.  

2) The influence of Chinese Culture on Vancouver and Canadian cultural and business society

3) The identity issues of Chinese Canadians, or if you prefer Canadian Chinese, as explored in his books Anna Mae Wong and Gold Mountain.

The event overall was of good quality.  50 people attended, including Dr. Edgar Wickberg, professor emeritus of UBC and current organizer of the Chinese Canadian Historical Society, Larry Wong – executive director of the Chinese Canadian War Memorial Museum, Howe Lee – president of the Army, Airforce, Navy, Pacific Unit Veterans, and my very own cousin Hayne Wai, formerly of Multiculturalism BC and who is now lecturing at UBC.

Pictures of the event were taken by me, and will be published in Rice Paper Magazine.  Canada's only nationally distributed magazine of Asian Canadian arts and culture.  Hopefully I can post the pictures here too!




Anthony Chan reads at Vancouver Public Library: New Book “Li-Ka Shing – Hong Kong's Elusive Billionaire”

Dr. Anthony Chan reads from his book “Li-Ka Shing: Hong Kong's Elusive Billionaire.

Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch

350 West Georgia Street,

7:30pm – FREE

The book examines the history and development of Hong Kong with the biography of Li-Ka Shing, a rags-to-riches success story.

Dr. Anthony Chan is an accomplished author and Associate Professor of Communications at University of Washington.

This event is part of VPL's “One Book One Vancouver” series – celebrating the 2004 choice “The Corporation” by UBC Professor Joel Bakan.  OBOV events are designed to help make the book come alive for readers and to explore related topics

The Scots are Hot!!! Scots stereotypes in Advertising

INDEPTH: SCOTS IN ADVERTISINGIn advertising, the Scots are hotBy Dan Brown, CBC News Online | July 15, 2004It's hard not to notice how many television commercials have Scottish characters in them these days. From the guy who gets perturbed at bar patrons who don't treat Keith's beer with respect to the impossibly small spokesman for Kellogg's to the tight-fisted uncle in the Money Mart spots, the Scots are currently the most overrepresented minority in TV advertising.

Don't mistreat this beer or a surly Scot will yell at you (Photo Robin Rowland)

It's hard not to notice these characters for one simple reason: they yell a lot. In fact, they behave exactly as non-Scottish people expect the Scottish to behave: they're quick to anger and slow to spend money. They're stereotypes, in other words.

I am guilty of Brigadoonery in Canada

I discovered this web site:

Brigadoonery Canada. A comic tribute to all things Scottish.

Brigadoonery Canada presents new and improved. … Brigadoonery, noun: What often happens when people who were not born in Scotland pretend to be
Scottish anyway. …

They also show a picture of the webmaster at the annual dinner of the Scottish Chinese Canadian Club which claims to have invented Sweet and Sour
Haggis… in Toronto!!! 

No date is given, but it sure wasn't taken at any of our Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinners which started in 1999 at the New Grandview Restaurant, outgrew to the Spicy Court, then outgrew again to the Flamingo Restaurant.

I think I am guilty of “brigadoonery” on many accounts:

1) wearing a kilt

2) reciting the poetry of Robbie Burns

3) playing Scottish Songs on my accordion

4) hosting Robbie Burns Dinners (at Chinese restaurants)

5) serving haggis at such dinners (with sweet & sour or plum sauce – or in “Haggis Wun-Tun)

6) pronouncin' me words wi' a Scots burr

7) posing with a claymore that has seen English blood on the Plains of Abraham and possibly Culloden

8) reading paperbacks with the word “Highland” in the title



Chinatown Streetfest features DJs, Breakdancers, and Import Cars & Night Market – Saturday, August 14,

Chinatown Streetfest features DJs, Breakdancers, and Import Cars

The beat hits the street, and Chinatown becomes C-Town like never before.  At least three events converge for one night,

Saturday, August 14, in one spot: the Chinatown Night Market.

Some of the Lower Mainland's hottest hip-hop DJs will hit the stage.  Hedspin, Seko, Sage, and Pluskratch have already confirmed.  The night's MC will be Alexis Mazurin, national host of CBC Radio 3.

Breakdancers will share the stage with capoeira courtesy of Aché Brasil.

Dozens of souped-up, import modified cars from Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest will fill the Keefer Triangle across from the stage for a car meet by REVScene.  ICBC will remind drivers to keep things safe with their car wreck display.

Name:     Chinatown Streetfest

What:      DJ spin-off, Breakdancing, Import Car Meet

Where:    Chinatown Night Market (Keefer at Columbia, Vancouver)

When:     Saturday, August 14, 8 – 10 pm
Cost:       Free admission

Contact:  604-788-6773 (c),

Chinatown Streetfest is part of VCRC Youth Summer Night Market Series.
Upcoming events include the second edition of “Flick Down in Chinatown,” an outdoor movie screening.

Previous events included “Bike Down to Chinatown Day” and the first “Flick Down in Chinatown.”

For more info:

Dragon boat with Todd Wong – Dragon Boat Coach

Coach Todd Wong has raced dragon boats since 1993 and began coaching teams in 1995. He has studied Sports and Health Psychology, as well as Kinesiology and exercise management at Simon Fraser University, where he was awarded SFU’s Terry Fox Gold Medal for “courage in adversity and dedication to society.” Todd serves on both the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival Race Committee, and the Dragon Boat Association Board of Directors. In 2001, he organized NCCP Coaching Theory Classes for dragon boat coaches. In 2002, Todd was a guest speaker at the first annual FCRCC Dragon Boat conference addressing the History, Sociology, and Team Dynamics of Dragon boats.

Todd’s coaching style and methods provide a supportive setting for people to experience both dragon boat competition and culture, while addressing team-building, goal setting and overcoming challenges. Todd utilizes many sports and topics for inspiration. He emphasizes a holistic blend of body, mind and spirit and takes teams to the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Classical Garden for a tour and Tai Chi lesson to learn about Chinese philosophy, culture, and movement expressed in harmony and balance.

40 minutes of warm-up and instruction followed by 90 minutes of on water instructional paddling.

  • NCCP Level 3 Theory candidate – NCCP Level 1 Technical Volleyball
  • FCRCC Coaching Clinics
    • FCRCC Certified Technical Coach

    Objective: To give people the skills necessary to paddle a dragon boat and work as a team.

    To give each person a sense of accomplishment: both as a team and as individuals.

    To develop both team and personal goals, and to meet them.

    To integrate physical, mental and emotional experiences.

    To build a sense of community, team spirit, and have lots of fun.

    Method: Warm-up and stretching exercises are integrated with paddling mechanics.

    Bio-mechanical exercises will be used to develop dragon boat stroke.

    Team building exercises will be integrated into practices.

    Instruction will include modeling, verbal cues and educational correction.

    Mental training techniques will include visualization, motivation and cue-words

    Communication strategies and styles will be discussed.

    Information on exercise management and nutrition will be included.

    Supplementary cross-training activities such as running, swimming, canoeing and weight-training will be explained and encouraged.

    To reach Todd, and to join the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team, please call 604-987-7124 or e-mail

    Come paddle in the Sep 4 Vancouver Taiwanese Dragon Boat race at Plaza of Nations

    We have FUN paddling opportunites for dragon boat enthusiasts.
    August 21 – barrel racing in Seattle on Lake Union (free)
    Sep 4th – Taiwanese dragon boat racing at Plaza of Nations ($39)
    Both of these events will be lots of fun.  Barrel racing has never been done before… Imagine a dragon boat slalom course between barrels!  It is being hosted by the Tacoma Dragon Boat Association – very nice people – I have raced with them and against them many times. 
    Taiwanese dragon boat racing is very fun – You must grab a flag just before the finish line.  If you miss it, you have to stop your boat and go back for it.  Only the designated flag grabber, who stretches out on top of the massive dragon head, can grab the flag.  Last year was the inaugural Canadian race demonstrated by Olympian Lori Fung and City Counselor Raymond Louie grabbing the flags!!!
    This is the way dragon boating was done in ancient China – before photo finishes and stop watches.  We will also be racing in the classic Hong Kong teak boats that were donated for Expo 86, and have been beautifully refinished.  If you go to race in Hong Kong or Tainan, Taiwan – you will experience racing in these classic wooden Hong Kong and Taiwanese dragon boats.
    If you have a 1/2 team, full team, 1/4 team who would like to participate in these events.  Call me, and I will match you up.  $39 per person or $600 per team (includes 20 passes for each paddler for Taiwanese Cultural Festival – value is $5 each – sell them all and make your registration $ back)
    Come out to paddle with my Gung Haggis team on Wed night or Sunday afternoons.  If we have enough people, we will run 2 boats and have some mini races during practice.
    We meet on Wed 7pm and Sunday 1:30pm. 
    Hope to see you soon!
    Todd Wong
    604-987-7124 or cell: 604-240-7090

    Silk Road & Jou Tou perform Aug 6 at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens

    Silk Road Music and Joutou  

    Please join us for our performances:

    Aug 6, Friday, 7:30pm
    Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden. 578 Carrall St.Van

    Silk Road Music with special guest Rong Jun who plays Chinese Erhu.
    The performance will premiere a few new instrumental and vocal pieces that the
    group is currently working on.

    From a Chinese lullaby to a Western opera song,we invite you to experience the Enchanted Evening and celebrate the New Hall in the Garden!

    Aug 12, Thursday, JouTou. 10 pm

    Festival Vancouver Concert
    Studio 16
    1555 West 7th Ave.Vancouver.
    Ticketmaster 604-280-3311

    An exciting evening of French,and Multi Cultural music played on a great
    variety of instruments.Special guest Middle Eastern Dancer “Narmaya”

    Qiu Xia He/ Andre Thibualt